Ranna’s Kin Wagon Lauches A New Single

Credits: Ricardo Janke

The Brazilian Hard ‘n Heavy band, Kin Wagon, led by experienced vocalist Lean Van Ranna, a musician who has played in several (inter)national bands and renowned projects, has undergone a major overhaul and is now called RANNA’S KIN WAGON.

Lean Van Ranna adds: “There were moments of change, where I discovered that it was time to follow a more independent path lyrically and creatively, but the legacy of Kin Wagon will now continue as a solo project of mine”.

When the band was still called Kin Wagon, 4 singles were released, “All I Want”“Return To Zero”, “Promised Land”“Sunrise Will Shine”, which have now returned to digital platforms as Ranna’s Kin Wagon along with the release of the romantic ballad – and fifth single – “She Just Forgot Me”.

Listen to “She Just Forgot Me” on Spotify at https://sptfy.com/rannas_kin_wagon_she_just_forgot_me

This new release tells the story of a lost love in the best Power Ballad Hard Rock/Glam Metal style of the late 80s and early 90s, bringing musical influences ranging from Stryper, Kiss, Europe, Petra, Whitesnake and even Roxette!

According to Lean, Ranna’s Kin Wagon will continue to record and release new material whenever possible, having already scheduled two more completely unreleased singles that will be released respectively on August 6 and September 6. Subsequent to that, a new version of “She Just Forgot Me”, with just keyboards and vocals, is being mixed by Jean Michel Volz (Masterful, A Taste Of Freedom, Season Of Dreams and Midnight Driver) at Mind Mirror Studios in France.

The new line-up of Ranna’s Kin Wagon, which will be revealed soon, are already working on a full-length album for 2024 and also preparing to hit the road as soon as possible.

“We want to bring in this new phase, a sound with high doses of energy and high spirits and, above all, give listeners feelings of joy and optimism with positive messages of daily experiences, self-help, always highlighting the gift of life and emphasizing that it is eternal as well as love for others. The music made with the heart and soul will never die and will always overcome any kind of obstacle”, concluded Lean Van Ranna.

Official Lyric Video – “She Just Forgot Me”https://youtu.be/VTBZUI2z0So

The Hard Rock of RANNA’S KIN WAGON will always excel in covering influences and classic references, without losing the technical quality and musical coherence of the style, never sticking to labels, and primarily providing listeners with true instigating sensations of déjà-vu and very high spirits.

For fans of: Whitesnake, Dokken, Def Leppard, Journey, Survivor, Bon Jovi, Eclipse, H.E.A.T.


Formed in 2020 by Lean Van Ranna (King Of Salem, Excalibur, Auryah, Menahem, A Taste Of Freedom, Masterful, Melodius Deite, etc.) under the name Road To Prize, prioritized a sound more focused on AOR and Melodic Rock, even releasing the single “All I Want” in 2021, before going on a short hiatus.

The following year, already as KIN WAGON, they returned with a new line-up and mainly, a heavier sound based on Hard N ‘Heavy, Glam Metal, even a touch of Blues, without leaving aside their Hard Rock and AOR roots of the 80s and 90s. After a new reformulation, now baptized as Ranna’s Kin Wagon, the band is preparing to record their first full-length album and finally hit the road.


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E-mail: kinwagon@gmail.com