Rebellion – A Tragedy In Steel Part II: Shakespeare’s King Lear

Two years ago they told us the true story of the Saxons (“Wyrd Bið Ful Aræd – The History Of The Saxons“). Now they move back to classic literary realms. With their eighth studio album, “A Tragedy In Steel Part II: Shakespeare’s King Lear” they take a turn to the work of the great English playwright of the 16th-17th century. So they are back where they started with the debut album “Shakespeare’s Macbeth – A Tragedy In Steel” from the year 2002. You can call the Hessians quite the storytellers among the metal bands. Rebellion was founded in 2001 by the two former Grave Digger members Tomi Divine (b) and Uwe Lulis (g, until 2010, now at Accept). They played at many major festivals (W: O: A, Summer Breeze, Bang Your Head) and supported bands like Running Wild or U.D.O. Unfortunately, I missed the appearance at the Metal Crash Festival 2017, because at that time the storm low Xavier raged over Germany.

Appropriate to the tragic background you can already hear at the opener “A Fool’s Tale” that the song material is much darker than its predecessor. The tempo has been reduced accordingly. Despite that “Dowerless Daughter” rocks something more. But already the next song “Thankless Child” is again a quieter song with ballad-like moments and some deeper vocals. Another play-tip is the epic “Demons Of Madness”, in the style of a big metal anthem. On the other slams “The Mad Shall Lead The Blind” much more rocking from the speakers. And with “Black Is The World” you can hear a doom-like power ballad. The following songs “Battle Song” and “Blood Against Blood” rock again straight forward. The best, however, have rebellion saved for last. With “Farewell”, the longest song of the album, I am reminded of the early Black Sabbath. Deeper tuned guitars make for a really gloomy mood, there are hymnic melodies, pounding riffs and a vocal that sounds almost fragile despite grater voice.

While listening to the album live atmosphere comes over long distances. This is probably mainly due to the mix. The two guitars sound consistently from the right or left speaker, while bass and vocals bang out of the center speaker. I personally like “Wyrd Bið Ful Aræd – The History Of The Saxons” a bit better, but “A Tragedy In Steel Part II: Shakespeare’s King Lear” is a thoroughly successful album. In 2018 Rebellion will present the album live. Under the slogan “King Lear meets Macbeth” will also be songs from the debut album on the setlist, songs that the band has not played for some time.


Michael Seifert – Vocals
Oliver Geibig – Guitar
Stephan Karut – Guitar
Tomi Göttlich – Bass
Tommy Telkemeyer – Drums

Label: Massacre Records

Out: January 26th 2018

Duration: 01:05:45


Track list:

  • A Fool’s Tale
  • Dowerless Daughter
  • Thankless Child
  • Stand Up For Bastards
  • Storm And Tempest
  • Demons Of Madness
  • The Mad Shall Lead The Blind
  • Black Is The World
  • Battle Song
  • Blood Against Blood
  • Truth Shall Prevail
  • Farewell

Rating : 8/10


MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber


Disturbingly Good


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