Rebellix released a new EP Serpent’s Kiss and music video which tells about toxic love

Promo pic by Roosa Kurkinen

Finnish metal band Rebellix released their new EP Serpent’s Kiss on October 15th 2021 via Inverse Records. Also a new video “Fuck You” is made and you can watch it here:  

Vocalist/guitarist Samuel Honkavaara comments:
“Fuck you is a song that tells about toxic love, the topic is approached in a funny kinda way due to the nature of the song, still hitting the point tho.

We are really happy about the result we had with the EP that from our point of view really pictures the musical growth of the band, and nowadays without anymore brakes we’re free to ride on our direction.

The next step will be definitely a full lenght Album, which we already started working on and have few songs more or less complete.

We hope to start hitting the stages again soon enough to bring our heavy metal experience to you live. Stay Rebel.”

Listen to the Serpent’s Kiss EP on:
Apple Music: 

Watch earlier released music video Serpent’s Kiss which features a cameo role by Avatar‘s Johannes Eckerström :

Rebellix is a Finnish melodic metal band from Helsinki, formed by Samuel Honkavaara in the end of 2016 from the ashes of other bands. Rebellix has been Rocking the underground of finnish Heavy Metal music since then, playing plenty of shows and participating to band competitions, sometimes winning some of them.

After many formation changes, Rebellix has been stable with Samuel Honkavaara as Lead guitarist and singer, Tomi Lappalainen as rhythm guitarist and Mikael Leinonen as drummer, joined then by Kimmo Keipinen on the bass.

Rebellix has released one Demo (Last Call), two singles (This is War, Fightmare) and two EP’s (Final Decay, Rotten Rolls). If you ask us what we are playing, well, we’d say it’s a genuine mix of modern and old school heavy metal, integrated with some cheesy elements from glam metal, and catchy choruses inspired to punk rock music.

Track list:01. Serpent’s Kiss
02. Fuck You
03. Play the Game
04. Hail to the Sky

EP cover by Tanja Härkönen

Samuel Honkavaara (Vocals, Guitar)
Tomi Lappalainen (Rhythm Guitar)
Kimmo Keipinen (Bass)
Mikael Leinonen (Drums)