“… smooth as hell the whole time.” – Metal Injection
“… a unique cocktail of modern metal.” – Loudwire
“… captures the raw emotion and hard-hitting essence of the foursome…” – Ghost Cult
“This is a solid record all around..” – A&P Reacts
Red Handed Denial have really outdone themselves.” – Dead Rhetoric

Red Handed Denial’s new album, A Journey Through Virtual Dystopia is out now via Paid Vacation Records (purchase and stream it here: (

The band has simultaneously released a video for “Falling Back To You” (, which was created by portray.ALL.

A Journey Through Virtual Dystopia is our love letter to the music genres that have shaped and inspired each of us leading up to this release,” Red Handed Denial said, jointly. “The themes explored throughout the songs express the collective reliance society has for the technologies and devices that surround us as a means to measure self-worth and define relationships. If we can shut ourselves out from a digital life, even for just a moment, we can escape from the virtual dystopia.

While the Toronto-based band is known for blending blistering music with empathetic and emotional themes, Red Handed Denial expands their sound on A Journey Through Virtual Dystopia. Inspirated for the 10-song album came from a variety of unexpected sources, from artists like Sleep Token, Dayseeker, Michael Jackson, and Bruno Mars to video games, including Baldur’s Gate 3A Journey Through Virtual Dystopia was recorded in Grand Rapids with Lee Albrecht as producer and guitar player Chris Mifsud taking the co-producer seat for the first time.

A Journey Through Virtual Dystopia tracklist:
1.    Parasite
2.    My Demise
3.    One More Night
4.    Falling Back To You
5.    Driving Towards A Neon Sunset
6.    Smokescreen
7.    …and Then I Found Myself in a Virtual Dystopia
8.    Eat Glass
9.    I Hope You’re Happy
10. Home
Photo credit: Jacqueline Silva

Red Handed Denial is Lauren Babic [vocals], Tyson Dang [drums], Chris Mifsud [guitar], and Dominick De Kauwe [bass]. The Toronto-based band has released three albums to date: Stories of Old [2013], Redeemer [2019], and I’d Rather Be Asleep [2022]. The latter yielded the fan favorite “Father Said,” cracking one million Spotify streams and counting. On the road, the group performed alongside the likes of Trivium, Protest The Hero, The Contortionist, Silent Planet, and more. Dead Rhetoric dubbed the band a “powerhouse,” and Canadian Beats said “every song feels like an anthem.”|


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