Reido – Anātman

Album Review By Rainer Kerber

For some years, I’m a big Doom Metal fan. What could be better than a promo request for a Funerals Doom album? And this does not come from the one of the strongholds of the Doom. No, the members of Reido live in Belarus (Republic of Belarus). The band was founded in 2002 in the capital Minsk, by Alexander Kachar and Anton Matveev. The debut album “F: \ all” dates from May 2006. The successor “Minus Eleven” was released in 2011, fittingly exactly on 11.11.11! And again, many years have passed. In October, the trio released album number three under the name “Anātman”. Of course I was curious how Doom sounds from this Eastern European state.

Six songs are on the album. And the shortest “Death Wave” is at the very beginning. Threatening synthesizer sounds are heard. For minutes. Slowly, the volume increases before drums and down tuned guitars are starting. Singing? Wrong! So rather a nearly five-minute intro, which merges seamlessly into “The Serpent’s Mission”. The synthesizer sound effects continue before deep, melodious growls begin. So, a trademark of the Funeral Doom. Here are the guitars stronger to hear. And these do not sound less threatening than the synths at the beginning of the album. In “Dirt Fills My Mouth” clean guitars are backed by deep keyboards. In “Dirt Fills My Mouth” clean guitars are backed by deep keyboards. The vocals sometimes sound less bright, almost breathy. But here too the slow riffs and the angry growls dominate. But even a guitar solo was built-in here and loosens the dark wall of sound to something. The longest song “Liminal” has a playing time of almost seventeen minutes. The title song “Anātman” is the second short song of the album. Synthie gimmicks again. There are also samples that sound like shortwave radio traffic. An instrumental interlude, which should lead to the last song of the album. And “Vast Emptiness, No Holiness” then starts with melancholy guitar riffs. And then let go the listener in the real world after fourteen minutes.

I’m not sure what to make of this album. Lots of dark riffs, angry growls, sustained melodies and a discreet, slow-rhythm drumming. With nuances in the growls, as well as one or the other clean guitar solo, all elements of the Funeral Doom are included. And also played well. But I’m a little bothered by the ever-urgent synthesizer sound experiments. For that I give a little point deduction. Otherwise, “Anātman” is definitely worth listening to and a good companion in dull mood.

Reido – Liminal:


Alexander Kachar – Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Synth
Anton Matveev – Guitar, Synth, Sound Engineering
Dmitry Kochkin – Drums

Label: Aesthetic Death

Out: October 18th 2019

Playing time: 01:00:30

Track list:

  • Deathwave
  • The Serpent’s Mission
  • Dirt Fills My Mouth
  • Liminal
  • Anātman
  • Vast Emptiness, No Holiness

Rating : 7.5/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber


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