Irish Viking Rockers REN MARABOU AND THE BERSERKERS Unveil the Epic Saga ‘Behind-the-Helgafjell’ Album!

Just recently, The mighty Irish Pagan Metal Vikings, REN MARABOU AND THE BERSERKERS, signed with the renowned Wormholedeath label for their much-anticipated album, “Helgafjell”, set to electrify the world on March 29th, 2024. This isn’t just an album; it’s a saga waiting to be told!

Today Ren Marabou from the band shares the epic saga behind the album:
“Now that we’ve made the announcement of our signing with the mighty Wormholedeath we can finally talk about our new album 


Throughout 2023 we wrote tracked, mixed and mastered in Skåld Studios Donegal. With losing my amazing Dad Micka at the end of 2022 it felt only natural to dedicate the album to him. The title track ‘Holy Mountain (Helgafjell)’ was written about Micka. It is by far our darkest, heaviest and most emotive album to date. The album is titled Helgafjell meaning Holy Mountain. The Holy Mountain in Norse Mythology is a blissful place where exceptionally good people go to spend eternity after death. 
The premise of our new album ‘Helgafjell’ is life, death and in particular the Norse afterlife. A few examples of this are the tracks ‘Ran’s Hall’, ‘Live and die by the Sword and ‘Garmr the Bloodstained Beast’. 
‘Ran’s Hall’ speaks of the fate which befalls drowned sailers, a fate which see’s them reside  in the Giantesses golden underwater Hall for all eternity.
‘Live and die by the sword’ is a song of the fallen warriors who now feast and fight in Valhalla as the Einherjar preparing for Ragnarök.
‘Garmr the Bloodstained Beast’ tells of the enormous blood-stained guardian of Hel’s gate who marches the dead into their new dwellings. 
The journey in making this album was one we are proud to have made. We cannot wait to share it with you all. On March 29th Wormholedeath will make it available on all digital platforms with the physical release date to be announced. 
We’d like to thank everyone who has been involved in the making of and the release of this album. Skål 


*We proudly used Cassidy Guitars, Blackstar Amplification, Skull strings and Iron Age Guitar Accessories in the making of Helgafjell*”

Every aspect of the album, from its evocative artwork by the talented Terence McCann of Blackdog Graphic Design to the captivating photography of Kathleen Curran, has been woven together with precision and passion. Ren Marabou himself has masterfully orchestrated the recording, mixing, and mastering of all tracks at Skåld Studios, ensuring that each note resonates with the spirit of the Norse legends.

The album ‘Helgafjell’ features an epic tracklist that reads like a saga:
1. The Journeys of Rig
2. Ran’s Hall
3. The Price of Glory
4. Curse Striker
5. Gramr the Bloodstained Beast
6. In the Hall of Gimle
7. Live and die by the sword (Einherjar)
8. The Duel of flint and steel
9. Idunn the Ever Young
10. Holy Mountain (Helgafjell)

Hailing from the mystical landscapes of Co.Donegal, Ireland, REN MARABOU AND THE BERSERKERS are more than a band; they are a force of nature, blending the power of Viking Metal/Norse Pagan Rock with high-energy performances and anthemic melodies. With endorsements from Cassidy Guitars, Skull Strings, Iron Age Guitar Accessories, and Blackstar, and serving as Ambassadors for Ulster Mead Co., these warriors are unstoppable. Managed by the astute minds at Split Screen Management, the band has already made waves with their album ‘Tales Of Rune’ under United Music Mafia. And after touring across Scandinavia with the likes of VADER and HATE, they are now ready to conquer new realms with Wormholedeath. 2023 was just the beginning of their saga, as they recorded ‘Helgafjell’ and stormed stages across Ireland, sharing their powerful music and stories. And 2024? It’s going to be legendary, with RMATB embarking on a tour across the UK and Europe to celebrate the release of their new album. Keep your eyes on their social media for the upcoming dates!

– Ren Marabou (Vocals and Guitar)
– Terence McCann (Drums)
– Michael Casserly (Bass)

If you’re a fan of mythology, electrifying Norse tales, and rock-metal powerhouses, then Marabou and The Berserkers are your ultimate musical calling! Dive into the world of Ren Marabou and The Berserkers – where every chord strikes like thunder, and each lyric tells a tale as old as the gods themselves. Get ready to be part of a thrilling, mythological adventure with a modern metal twist. This isn’t just music; it’s a legendary experience! Join the journey, feel the power, and let the saga of ‘Helgafjell’ resonate with your warrior spirit. The stage is set, the legends await – are you ready to join the ranks of the Berserkers?

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