Rethink Traditional Heavy Metal With ODINFIST’s “Deadline”

New Album “Remade In Steel” Out March 2023

Hailing from British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley in Canada, Odinfist are well known around the country for their distinctive brand of traditional heavy metal that is wrapped up in a fun-loving and energetic package. They’ve been around for 16 years, and have an impressive discography under their belts. Their latest addition to this is “Remade in Steel”, six pummeling tracks that lay on heavy riffs, fun choruses, and enough variance to get anyone excited about what is coming next. The third single is “Deadline” – this is the Metallica song, it is also the Megadeth song. It goes from doomy to thrashy, with lots of chromatic riffages. The lyrics are about trying to survive under pressure, crushing anxiety, and running out of time. The band comments:

“This is the last song that we wrote for the album, and it came together rather quickly. There are a lot of twists and turns in this song. It builds from a doomy intro to a groovy verse and chorus and then explodes into a frantic, thrashing ending. Both the lyrics and music have a darker vibe and tone to them. The vocals get pretty unhinged and “crazy” on this song.”

According to the band, their music has become more melodic and complex over the years. They’ve been pushing the confines of traditional metal, by incorporating other subgenres. They had been doing the whole traditional metal thing for about 10 years before it really got cool again. “Back then, the only thing like that really going on was 3 Inches of Blood”. Now they are stoked there is way more new traditional metal to also draw influence from.

Each song on “Remade in Steel” offers a unique musical experience, where you don’t always know what’s going to come next in a song or a track. The end result is a complete album that has a little bit for everyone, and a sense of completion at the very end. They are recommended for fans of Eternal Champion, Cauldron, and Anvil.

Listen to “Deadline” via its premiere on SonicPerspectives HERE.

“Remade In Steel” is due out on March 10, 2023, and is available for pre-order at

Previous singles:

“Riffmaster” –

“Metalmancer” –

Track Listing:
1. Riffmaster – 6:28
2. Metalmancer – 4:36
3. Remade in Steel – 5:16
4. Allfather – 6:52
5. Deadline – 5:16
6. Masquerade – 8:34
Album Length: 37:02

Album Recording Credits:
• All songs performed by: Odinfist
• All songs written by: Odinfist
• Produced by: Shane Bouthillier
• Mixed by: Shane Bouthillier
• Mastered by: Shane Bouthillier
• Album Artwork by: Art of Grimmuza
• Canadian Content (MAPL)

Album and Live Band Line Up:
Tyler Anderson – Lead Vocals and Guitar
Bradley Caulien – Drums
Justin Ketterer – Guitar and Backing Vocals
Jesse Valstar – Bass

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About: Odinfist has been bringing heavy metal to the Okanagan Valley for sixteen years, and has participated in a variety of major shows and festivals across Western Canada. They have played with a variety of other bands such as Kataklysm, Thor, 3 Inches of Blood, etc. Members of Odinfist are also very involved with the Okanagan Metal scene. The band is all about fun, melodic heavy metal that you mosh, party, or just have a good time to, with a relentlessly energetic and entertaining live show.


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