Revelations of Deception: CA’s Suppressed Intentions ‘Lie to Me’: Revealing the Raw Truths of Our Existence!

“In a world drowning in deceit, where falsehoods lurk in every corner of our lives—be it from loved ones, colleagues, or those in power—the unveiling of truth becomes seismic. What unfolds when trust disintegrates and our facades are stripped bare?

Central California’s metal outfit, Suppressed Intentions, boldly tackles these unsettling truths in their latest single, “Lie to Me.” Merging thunderous riffs with emotive, anthemic choruses, the band embarks on a sonic odyssey. Their music implores listeners to ponder the age-old question: Is ignorance bliss, or must we bravely confront the uncomfortable truths shaping our existence?” – Suppressed Intentions

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Formed in late 2018 in San Luis Obispo, CA, Suppressed Intentions emerged when rhythm guitarist and vocalist Brian Hatter and drummer Cameron Casey united with guitarists Chris Smith and Christopher “Q” Quintanar. Vocalist Garrett Simas soon joined the lineup, followed by bassist John McCarthy in June 2019. Drawing from a diverse spectrum of influences including early Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Punk, Modern Metalcore, and Death Metal, the band crafts a unique sound that sets them apart.

Utilizing a 3-guitar approach, they skillfully blend high and low octaves along with harmonies. Renowned for their commanding live performances and infectious energy, Suppressed Intentions has garnered praise on the CA central coast. Described as heavy yet possessing crossover appeal, they’ve won over fans who typically shy away from metal. The band commenced performing in mid-2019 on the Central Coast of CA, gradually expanding their reach to Southern CA, sharing stages with notable acts such as Green Jell-O, Sunflower Dead, Monarch, Freakshow, The Meteors, and more.

 Brian Hatter – Vocals, Guitar
Chris Smith – Guitar
Chris Q Quintanar – Guitar
Cameron Burke-Casey – Drums


Disturbingly Good


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