RIMTHURS, one of swedish black metal underground’s best kept secrets, comes with the new album “Thursamál”. Album was released on CD 25th March 2022 by A.D.G Records.

This is a piece of black metal art with it’s heart buried deep in the black soil of the north. Consisting of eight hymns of heathen ferocity, spiritual extacy and scandinavian melancholy it will take the listener on a journey through the deepest depths and highest peaks, through icy cold and scorching fire.

Rimthurs first crawled out of the misty depths of the mind of Niflfarinn in the mid-nineties and has previously through the years released two ep’s and two albums on different underground labels.

Guest vocals in “Mot Undergang” by N. Sadist (Patronymicon, ex-Sorcery)
Mixed by Jonas Lindstrom at Studio Apocalypse (Ereb AltorIsoleOn the Altar)
Mastered by John Falk (GhûlheimSorcery)
Cover artwork & layout by Nifl Productions.

Currently, “Thursamál” You can listen here:

1. Mot undergång  
2. Eldens andar   
3. Rök  
4. Nedom och nordom   
5. Hels gånglåt  
6. Ylfskr  
7. Ginnunga  
8. Niflhelgd

Tommy “Niflfarinn” Holmer – vocals, guitars, drums
Mordh – bass
vocal in “Mot Undergang” by N. Sadist (Patronymicon, ex-Sorcery)

Rimthurs is a one-man black metal project created by Tommy Holmer in the mid-nineties but wasn’t very productive until 2001 and 2002.
Ur:Kaos 2005 (EP)
Svartnar 2010 (Full-length)
Ödemark 2016 (EP)
Gravskrift 2017 (Full-length)
Thursamál 2022 (Full-length)

Rimthurs in the Internet

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/rimthurs/

Bandcamp https://rimthurs.bandcamp.com/

Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkiQLYlREmoZSivEZ0axspg

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/0isIZIqzbets7huPiYYKge


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