Rioghan’s stunning version of King Dude’s Sweet Death out now! – Features the distinctive guest vocals of Red Eleven front man Tony Kaikkonen.

Promo photo by Aarni Visuals

Finnish Rioghan is back after their successful debut album Different Kinds Of Losses which was released on last December via Inverse Records

The band is currently preparing their second studio album but before that they’ll release a 3-track EP titled Covers III on December 15th 2023. The chosen cover tracks are Toxic (Britney Spears), Sweet Death (King Dude) and Lethean (Katatonia). 

The second single Sweet Death originally performed by King Dude and Shannon F. is now available on streaming services:

Rioghan comments Sweet Death:
“Sweet Death became my favorite song that instant when I heard King Dude’s ‘Death’-album for the first time. It also became obvious, that this song had to be visited, if I only could find a suitable duet-partner. And of course we did, Tony Kaikkonen agreed to sing with me on this release too. Instrumentally we turned the song a bit to the heavier side, and for vocals we channeled our inner gothic atmosphere. All in all, a lovely song, where the lyrics also let you sink into the darkening autumn nights.” 

LISTEN the first single Toxic on streaming services: 

Rioghan is now ready hit the stages and the first gig shall take place at On The Rocks, Helsinki on November 15th. 

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Rioghan – Covers III (EP 2023)
Track list:
1 – Toxic

– originally performed by Britney Spears
– this arrangement by Teemu Liekkala and Jenni Perämäki
– written by Cathy Dennis, Christian Karlsson, Pontus Winnberg, Henrik Jonback

-ISRC: FI3FC2378801

2 – Sweet Death 

– originally performed by King Dude, Shannon F.
– this arrangement by Teemu Liekkala and Jenni Perämäki
– written by Thomas Jefferson Cowgill

-ISRC: FI3FC2378802

3 – Lethean

– originally performed by Katatonia
– this arrangement by Teemu Liekkala and Jenni Perämäki
– written by Jonas Renkse, Per Eriksson

-ISRC: FI3FC2378803

On this record
Vocals Jenni Perämäki, in Sweet Death also Tony Kaikkonen
Guitars Teemu Liekkala and Tero Luukkonen
Keys Teemu Liekkala
Bass Antti Varjanne
Drums Valtteri Revonkorpi

Mixing by Teemu Liekkala

Mastering by Teemu Liekkala

Photo by Sonja Hietala Photography
Make-up & hair Jenni Perämäki
EP cover layout by Sakari Tuokkola

Rioghan – Sweet Death (single 2023)

written by Thomas Jefferson Cowgill

ISRC: FI3FC2378802

Photo by Aarni Visuals
Single cover layout by Sakari Tuokkola

Jenni Perämäki – vocals
Teemu Liekkala – guitar
Tero Luukkonen – guitar
Antti Varjanne – bass
Valtteri Revonkorpi – drums



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