Death metal powerhouse RISE OF KRONOS releases new single “Olympic Warmachine”!

German death metallers RISE OF KRONOS released their brand new single “Olympic Warmachine“. The song is taken from the new album Where The Gods Return, which will be released on August 2nd.

Singer and guitarist Tom states:
Olympic Warmachine is about discovering your own abilities, your own strength. It’s a song of encouragement in retrospect. My 16-year-old self wouldn’t have analysed it the same way, but when we re-release the song today, I fully stand behind the motivational nature of the song. Back then, I was fighting this battle with myself. The battle of my own dissatisfaction with myself. I’m sure many people can relate to that. The music gave me a lot of support along the way. So, it’s much less about a “real” battle than a battle with yourself. Challenging yourself and taking one step at a time – on the way to become an “Olympic Warmachine” yourself.”

Olympic Warmachine” is out now on all major streaming platforms.


21.06.2024 DE – Schwarzburg,Metalwiese
31.08.2024 DE – Hamburg, Tattoo Titans
13.09.2024 DE – Siegen, Vortex
14.09.2024 DE – Ostfildern, Zentrum Zinsholz
27.09.2024 DE – Braunschweig, Kufa
04.10.2024 DE – Dresden, Skullcrusher
05.10.2024 DE – Hannover,Mephisto
19.10.2024 DE – Ahrensburg, Juki42
26.10.2024 DE – Wiesloch, Rnp
08.11.2024 DE – Magdeburg, Factory
09.11.2024 DE – Erfurt, From Hell
15.11.2024 DE – Balingen,Sonnenkeller
16.11.2024 DE – Karlsruhe, DieStadtmitte
23.11.2024 DE – Naumburg (Saale), Tanks
30.11.2024 DE – Oberhausen, Helvete
06.12.2024 DE – Lübeck,Treibsand
07.12.2024 DE – Bremen, Zollkantine
31.01.2025 DE – Hannover, Cafe Glocksee
01.02.2025 DE – Hamburg, Logo
15.02.2025 DE – Berlin, Slaughterhouse

About the band:

RISE OF KRONOS was born in 2021 from a former band called Surface. After 11 years of hard work, countless concerts, three records and a lot of sweat, blood and tears Surface decided to start a new chapter. As they were (and are) close friends, they wanted to stay together but walk a new, even more, professional path. They needed to stand up and – finally – take each and every fan with them to Olympus. The decision for a new name was born quite early on their journey to a new concept. Somehow Surface did not fit to the music anymore and had to be replaced, but on the other hand, those four friends want to keep the link to their 11 years of music and their amazingly loyal fans – to their so-called Titans. Consequently, they named themselves after their 2015 released record “Rise Of Kronos”. RISE OF KRONOS is a hymn of praise to the past years, their fans as well as a brand-new concept with a new image and new musical influences. Dark, modern and straightforward death metal with the tendency to progressive metal, Swedish death and hardcore – this is what RISE OF KRONOS stands for. Combining Greek mythology and an impulsive live show, they are ready to take the lead to Olympus – now.


Tom Robinson – Guitar, Vocals
Tim Broscheit – Bass,Vocals
Jhonnie Ritter – Guitar
Marco Bechreiner – Drums


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