“Rock N’ Roll with a Country Soul”
Austin’s own rising star Annie Davis
and her band Trashy Annie, recently released her debut full-length, album, Sticks & Stones, on vinyl!

The vinyl release marked a pivotal moment in Annie’s burgeoning career, signifying her evolution from a digital single artist to a full-fledged musical force, who deftly blends the soulful twang of country with the raw energy of hard rock and the infectious hooks of pop.
It also shows the growing fanbase she has cultivated through her stellar live performances that go beyond mere rock concert to raucous party and communal singalong.


“This sure ain’t Taylor Swift or Lady A type of country. This is as edgy, darker, and even grubbier than Ashley McBryde or early Kasey Musgraves ever went…and I bloody love it!” -Rockin Magpie 

Described by their fans as “rock ‘n’ roll with a country soul”, Trashy Annie came crashing onto the music scene in 2021, led by trumpet player turned award winning songwriter, Cleopatra Records artist, and 2023 CMA of Texas Americana Artist of the Year Annie Davis.

After teaching herself to play one chord on the guitar in 2020, she wrote her first song. Armed with that one chord, a belly full of whiskey, and the intention of checking off a lifelong and paralyzing fear of singing in public, she stepped up to her first open mic in early 2020, just before COVID hit the world. Three minutes and 45 seconds of fear turned into the best thing she had ever done. She fell head over heels in love with songwriting and spent the pandemic writing, teaching herself every instrument she could get her hands on, and learning how to arrange and co-produce her own music. She released her first song, her one-chord tune “Runnin, in late 2020.

After the release of Runnin, Annie (a self proclaimed technophobe of epic proportions) decided to teach herself to film and edit a music video during the height of the pandemic. She filmed and edited the video by herself and proudly posted it on YouTube, only to face the immediate realization that social media is not a world for the faint of heart.

Criticized for wearing clothes that were “too young” for her,  Annie decided then and there that if people want to call her trashy, or judge her for the clothes she wears instead of the music she makes, then “Trashy Annie” it is, and the band name was born. A staunch advocate for believing in oneself, never giving up on the things we love, and unapologetically being who we are no matter what anyone else thinks, it was the perfect fit.

After catching the attention of Nashville following her 2nd release (Nuclear Meltdown) In late 2022, Annie was invited to record her next few tunes with Dean Miller (son of legendary Country Music Hall of Famer Roger Miller) along with musicians from The Wallflowers, Faith Hill, Trace Adkins, and a host of other big-time acts.  Following the release of Knock Knock, a song planted firmly in the rock genre, Annie was signed to indie giant Cleopatra Records out of LA in anticipation of her debut full-length album.

She reunited with her amazing and talented Nuclear Meltdown production team, PH Naffah (of Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers & The Refreshments) and badass multi-instrumentalist and mix engineer Jeff Lusby-Breault, to begin work on her first full-length album, Sticks and Stones, released May 19th 2023 under Cleopatra Records. She collected a powerhouse group of musicians, including bass player Miles Barker, lead guitarists Blake Jurasin, Dallas Dillard and Amir Neubach, and Drummer Ryan Smith, and hit the road in 2022, playing over 100 shows in their first year.  They have continued to expand their tour throughout the US in 2023, much to the delight of their ever-growing and incredibly loyal fan base.

Trust us.

You don’t wanna miss this crew.


Trashy Annie’s fans can immerse themselves even deeper into the sonic tapestry of Sticks & Stones with its exclusive vinyl release. The warmth and authenticity of vinyl bring a new dimension to Annie’s already vibrant sound, providing listeners with a tangible connection to the artist’s creative vision.
Experience the magic of Trashy Annie’s genre-defying music in a format that pays homage to the rich history of sound.

Sticks & Stones was submitted for Grammy consideration by The Recording Academy and continues to garner critical acclaim for Annie’s innovative ability to blend story-driven country roots with heart-pounding rock and roll.


Disturbingly Good


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