Rock & Roll Band THE DIFFERENT CLASS Shares’ Transpirat’

Rock & Roll Band THE DIFFERENT CLASS Shares’ Transpirat’, a Cinematic Exploration of Our Deepest Desires

The Different Class‘ newest single/video will make you sweat. The band is now releasing their second single from the upcoming album “Skins”. 

‘Transpirat’ is available for pre-saving on all digital platforms, here:

‘Transpirat’ is the Romanian version of ‘Skins,’ the song that gives the album’s name. 

While ‘Ping Pong’ has told an electrifying, lush-smelling story of love and about two colliding worlds that tried to survive a conflictual state of mind, the primal attraction of opposite vibes, characters, and aims, ‘Transpirat’ leans toward spheres that place this feeling into a dim light.

The video showcases a provocative story, matching the song’s arousing yet darkish tone aiming to find its essence while leaving itself to sink in the crevasses and shadows of its core. As you dive into the song, it’s getting more exciting and unexpected. ‘Transpirat,’ like the album itself, is a transformative journey, evident in the new elements, direction, and approach that the band made in the last three years.

In addition to this image, the band changes their indie/electronic style into a grunge-influence rock. The pop rhythm is still preserved as it defines the band while reminding us of Depeche Mode’s ‘It’s no Good.’ Going further with the comparison, ‘Transpirat’ combines Twin Peaks, Depeche Mode’s ‘In Your Room,’ and Metallica’s ‘Turn the Page.’

The Different Class navigates with confidence and vulnerability such shifting terrains inhabited by a feeling of unresolved tension, a unifying force, and a catalyst for change. Being different and distinctive, daring to step outside of the accepted overworked pattern is an integral part of the band’s musical journey. One can become obsessive with their appetite for change and dissatisfaction with what they had found in their search.

Not looking for the familiar or the conventional means of listening with both ears, an open heart, and an alert mind. ‘Transpirat’ is not a story that places evil in the way of its characters to suppress their existence but to complete the experience of a life without secrets. Love is not only the warmth the inner fire produces, but it’s also the cold thrill of the first and last spark.

‘Transpirat’ was filmed in Vilnius, Lituania, resulting from a professional team including Lukas Keizikas and Bianca Paul. Lukas Malinauskas, an actor and local producer, is also seen in the video. It is mentioned that he appeared on the successful mini-series Chernobyl.


Director: Lukas Keizikas, Bianca Paul

DOP: Lukas Keizikas

Creative Producer: Bianca Paul

Camera operators: Lukas Keizikas, Andrey Motorichev

1st assistant & focus puller: Andrey Motorichev

Producer assistant: Stasys Mačiulskas, Lukas Keizikas

Scriptwriting: Cris Paul, Bianca Paul, Lukas Kezikas

Art department / set design: Stasys Mačiulskas, Linas Marcišauskas, Bianca Paul

Makeup and styling: Mari Mat

Costume advisor: Liucija Kvašytė

Choreography: Andrey Motorichev


The Girl – Roberta Sarkaite

The Guys – Lukas Malinauskas, Karolis Vilkas

The Chef – Mindaugas Zamas

The wise bartender – Zina

Loyal customers: Juozas and Giagas

Music & Lyrics by: Cris Paul, Seian Scorobete, Michael Vuscan

Performed by: 
Cris Paul – Vocals & Guitars 
Seian Scorobete – Bass
Flavius Retea – Drums
Michael Vuscan – Electronics 

Produced by: Michael Vuscan
Recorded by: Consonance Studio
Mixed by: Rob Anders
Mastered by: Tim Boyce
Band members: Cris Paul, Seian Scorobete, Julia Kocis
Artwork photography: Bianca Paul
Artwork design: Aurelian Scorobete

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