SATE is a cosmic being. Governing her life through astrology, numerology, tarot, and spiritual connection to her surroundings and today, the Toronto rock and roll powerhouse releases her sophomore album, The Fool. Available HERE!  

Exploring SATE’s connection to the Tarot, the album is aptly named after the hero of the Tarot deck, The Fool. 5 years in the making with producer Hill Kourkoutis, the album is an anthem for anyone who has dared to dream and work towards their greatest self. It is an evolution, embodying a cutting-edge sound, with catchy earworm melodies that will have you singing along after the record stops. Armed with ferocious soulful wails, relentless guitars, pulsating organs, and greasy grooves, it embarks on a journey bringing SATE’s dynamic powerhouse sound to the mainstream.

All album and single artworks were designed by SATE herself. The artwork brings the Tarot deck to life with the personification of “Howler” representing The Empress, “Nobody“, representing Strength and “The Fool”. A work of living art, it links the underlying themes of the album to SATE’s unwavering faith in the universe. It also serves as a reflection of the album’s journey from the beginning to the end; what has been and what is. 

“I can’t believe the journey this album has taken me on and the fact that I’m finally ready to share it with the world. I finished it, put it on hold, opened it (and myself) up again, to finally take my own Fool’s leap. This album is vital to me.  It’s a reflection on the risks I take to live fully while experiencing both victory and tumult, and the spaces in between where I learn resilience. Ultimately, this album is for the Fool in all of us,” says SATE.   

Along with the release of the album, comes the release of SATE’s short film, directed by Andrew Hamilton who previously worked with Drake. The film is premiering exclusively via Complex today. Watch it HERE. It is a tale about trusting in the universe and embracing life’s struggles and the journey laid out for all of us. 

Already, The Fool has garnered media attention around the globe. The first and second singles, “Howler” and “Nobody,” (music video features The OBGMS) have seen incredible success racking up over 200K music video views. They’ve also seen adds on CBC Music, idobi Radio and The Strombo Show. Coverage in internationally acclaimed media such as, National Post, Classic Rock Magazine, Canadian Musician, Punk News, Exclaim Magazine and have snagged covers of mega playlists, “Ready to Rock” on Spotify and “The New Black” on Amazon Music. Overall, SATE has well over half a million streams. 

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