Scala Mercalli Interview

By Keith Clement

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, how are you doing .

(Sergio) A metallic greeting to all of you, we are very excited about the new album that has required a lot of energy.

(Christian) All is good our new album it’s just arrived from , we are so happy because its sound so very good for us .

(Clemente) -All it’s ok thanks, we are preparing some shows for the promotion of the new album!



In January 2019, you guys planned to release  “IndiPendence”, can you tell us about it?

(Sergio) This album was born about three years after previous“ New Rebirth”, and in this album we had started to deal with the classic social themes, also an important chapter in the history of the Italian Risorgiment.

In this new album we continue the historical discourse speaking of other episodes occurred from the beginning of 1800 till unification of Italy. We feel particularly close to these pages of our history because they remind us of important values for which our ancestors have fought but also because many important events occurred in our region, le Marche, here many monuments remind us of these glorious events every day.



Is “Indipendence” more of a concept album, can you tell us a bit about this album?

(Sergio): This album is not a 100% concert because we have some songs that speak of current social issues, but seven and traces out of 11 are historical tell of the first war for the independence of Italy, fought by Gioacchino Napoleon, king of Naples in 1815, of the Roman Republic of 1849 by Mazzini lasting only a few months, but an example for all future European republics.

Let’s talk about Garibaldi’s expedition and the thousand volunteers who fought and won impossible battles for the unity of our country, and among other topics we have also redone our national anthem “ Fratelli d’Italia “, in heavy metal version, to remember his young composer and poet Goffredo Mameli, who died at the age of 21. in the battle to defend the Roman Republic in 1849, dreaming of a united Italy. We believe that every person in every country in the world should remember who has struggled for their freedom that today seems so obvious, but that actually has cost the lives of many of our  ancestors.



What are the plans for the band in 2019?

(Christian) We start a little tour in Italy , and we hope to come back again out of Italy, we want to promote our new album , and we will play it so loud !

(Clemente) -We have some shows for the next months in Italy so don’t miss us!


Can you tell us in brief about the creation of Scala Mercalli?

(Sergio):  We were born in 1991 we were all very young and with a great passion for heavy metal, We kept a name in Italian because the Mercalli scale and the invented scale by the Italian scientist Giuseppe Mercalli to classify the power of earthquakes. For us it means an earthquake of heavy metal music, of course!


Do you have a message for the readers of the magazine?

(Sergio):  Keep on fighting for your metallic ideals and never give up!

(Christian) : Greetings from Italy , do the best in your life ,look at our new official videoclip “ Be Strong” , have a great Heavy Metal year!

(Clemente) -Check our FB page, and our YouTube channel, we have a lots of big news from our new album! Get ready for a couple of new video clip too!

MHF Magazine/Keith Clement



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