SCALA MERCALLI Release New Video “Fratelli d’Italia” (Italian Anthem), Feat. Corale Angelico Rosati!

Italian heavy metallers SCALA MERCALLI have released a new video for “Fratelli d’Italia” (Italian Anthem), on the occasion of the 170th anniversary of the Roman Republic of 1849. The video is featured by Corale Angelico Rosati, watch it here:

The video is an interpretation of the Hymn of Mameli (song of the Italians), which then became the anthem of Italy, in heavy metal version. The song has been interpreted with the help of the Corale Angelico Rosati of Sant’Elpidio a Mare (FM) and directed by the master Angelo Biancamano. The video was shot at the Teatro dell’Aquila in Fermo, organized by the Academy of Oplology and Militaria, featuring by the reenactors, wearing the historical soldier uniforms, who, from north to south fought for the defense of the Roman Republic, trying to free and unify Italy.

Stated the band:
“We wanted to dedicate this interpretation to the author of the music, Michele Novaro, and especially to the young poet Goffredo Mameli, who died at the age of 21 fighting during the defense of the Roman Republic for the ideals of freedom and unity, which we still live today… thanks to his words”

Get more information on Corale Angelico Rosati here:

SCALA MERCALLI released their new album “Indipendence” on January 25th 2019, recorded, mixed and mastered by Alex Azzali at ALPHA OMEGA Studios. Watch the first video “Be Strong”, taken from the new album:

“Indipendence” is about the first part of Italian Risorgimento, from Naple’s Reign ruled by King Murat until Mazzini’s Roman Republic, including episodes on Mille (The Expedition of the Thousand) and Brigandage, with some of their main characters. The band will wear the new uniform inspired by the units, from north to south, that in the above-mentioned period fought side by side with the people and contributed with hard sacrifices to build Italian nation.

The band about “Indipendence”:
“This project is about some events we consider of great importance in our country’s history, because they remind us of how important it has been, for a people dominated for years by foreign powers, to fight for ideals of unity and freedom, and reminds also that freedom, in every form, is never a gift but has always to be conquered fighting togheter. Yesterday as today!”

This example applies to every people or nation that wants to be truly free!

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