Scarab ‘Martyrs of the Storm’

Album Review By Adam McCann

ViciSolem Productions/Death Metal

As is the case with bands on smaller labels who have to self-fund most of their work, sometimes it can take longer than usual to release an album and that has unfortunately been the case with Scarab with the Egyptian death metal band releasing third album ‘Martyrs of the Storm’, the band’s first album since 2015.

With ‘Martyrs….’ Scarab smash forward with all the gusto of a band that have been away for far too long. Through this, Scarab bring the mythology of the Ancient Egyptian desert to the 21st Century home; this is achieved through the delivery of mystical and spiritual lyrics alongside some quality contemporary death metal with tracks such as ‘Kingdom of Chaos’, ‘Saturnian’ and ‘Coffin Texts’ having all the appeal of Nile with its technical death metal polyrhythm approaches. Furthermore, this isn’t all just about Nile comparisons and ‘Martyrs…’ would also appeal to more standardised death metal such as Morbid Angel and Deicide; but delivered through the medium of modern death metal alluding to bands such as Aborted and Krisiun. However, there aren’t any surprises here and ‘Martyrs…’ is a stereotypical death metal release, there are those which will absolutely adore this album and those who it will just not appeal to in the slightest. Yet, for the latter, it would be a mistake to overlook this album as ‘Martyrs…’ is a good album, it is honest and full of the integrity of a band working exceptionally hard to deliver their best possible material with vocalist Sammy Sayed not only providing some decent growls but also presenting some absolutely fantastic orchestrations and arrangements.

This album might not be the best album ever heard, there are significantly better death metal albums that have been released this year, but ‘Martyrs…’ has a replayability to it, an infectious, enjoyable vibe that is often missing in other albums. However, one thing is sure, it won’t be possible to find a better Egyptian themed death metal band this year and hopefully, Scarab won’t leave it too long before their next album.

Rating : 72/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann     


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