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The band backgrounds the new single:
“Will” is the second single from Scarlet’s upcoming debut album out late 2022. Working title for the song was ‘Bon Jovi goes Grunge’ and that expresses well about the song’s multidimensionality and surprise factor. The text focuses in the faults every individual has. Are they good thing or bad or are those faults that make us whole? “I’m loving these demons within. They all make me who I am.”

Scarlet is a 1999 founded Grunge band from Eastern Finland. In 2015 the band returned from 10 year hiatus. Even if the instrumental skills were in a bit of a rust the good old feeling and groove was found pretty fast after they gathered to their rehearsal room. New material started to take it’s form and that material became their debut full length album. Long hiatus had made their sound even stronger. The debut album was recorded in Astia Studio by Anssi Kippo with full analog studio equipment. The debut album is to be released in autumn 2022. It is a package full of rough energy for the Grunge era music fans. Authentic music with strong vocals.

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Ville Tuomi – vocals
Vesa Tuomi – guitar
Juha Miettinen – guitar
Härri Liimatainen – bass
Wellu Jaatinen – drums

Scarlet – Will

  1. Will
    ISRC: FI3FC2240407

Composed: Ville Tuomi & Vesa Tuomi
Lyrics: Ville Tuomi
Arrangement: Scarlet


Disturbingly Good


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