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Legendary Brazilian thrashers SCARS, who have in their resume more than three decades of history in the metal scene, as well as great releases throughout their career, proudly present the release of their first-ever official live album, entitled “Violent Tour 2022: Live In Sao Paulo”.

This release closes the cycle of the highly praised album “Predatory”, released two years ago via Brutal Records (USA/Canada) in partnership with Proper Music (Europe) and Voice Music (Brazil). Many music videos, lyric videos, appearances in online festivals during the pandemic, singles, rarities box and a mini tour called “Violent Tour 2022”, featuring all their classics, new tracks and especially showing the strength of the current lineup.


Intro | Ancient Power (06:30)
Return to the Killing Ground (05:18)
Armageddon (05:10)
Nether Hell (06:03)
Violent Show (06:24)
Legions (Forgotten by the Gods) (05:24)
Predatory (06:04)
Creatures that Come Alive in the Dark (04:40)
Warfare (02:40)
Hidden Roots of Evil (06:11)

Mixing and Mastering at Tretiak Studios (Sao Paulo/SP) by Alex Zeraib
Production and Sound Engineering by Jonas and Alex Zeraib
Art Cover by Alex Zeraib

Apple Music:https://apple.co/3y1T64a
Deezer: https://bit.ly/3SGgagD
Youtube Music:https://bit.ly/3fysilS

“Violent Tour 2022: Live In Sao Paulo”, the band’s first official record with lead guitarist Ricardo Lima, was recorded at Iglesia La Borratxeria, in Sao Paulo/SP, in July of this year, and will go down in history not only as a true consecration to Brazilian Thrash Metal, but also as a “big thank you” to all the loyal and mad fans who, in addition to following the band for all these years, witnessed this event with a lot of energy.

“Violent Tour 2022: Live In Sao Paulo” is also available for sale in digital format through Bandcamp and will also be released in physical format in the first half of 2023.

About the album, Alex Zeraib comments “it was an intense experience to record this album live, because being on stage, knowing that you are being recorded, requires more focus and concentration, thus taking my attention away from the show itself, especially knowing that we wouldn’t have overdubs in the mix, that is, we couldn’t go wrong for being our first official live record. In the end, everything worked out and we managed to leave the feeling of that night very present in the recording, with the participation of the audience, some mistakes on our part imperceptible to the fans, counting on the hi-hat to start the sounds, in short, everything a live performance must have.”

Ricardo Lima (guitarist) comments that “a special setlist was created for the shows we did on our post-pandemic mini tour. We even played “The Nether Hell” in full as a surprise to the fans! It was very special and rewarding for me, because I knew it would be recorded for what would become my debut on an official Scars record. The audience was very participatory and energetic, which made it easier for us to create the necessary synergy for a remarkable performance!”.

In celebration of this great record, Regis F. (vocals), Alex Zeraib (guitar), Ricardo Lima (guitar), Marcelo “Mitche” (bass) and Joao Gobo (drums) released the first single taken from the album, “Violent Show (Live In Sao Paulo)”, which mixes professional 4K footage by Starship Videos, with footage sent by the fans themselves present in a total of 12 different cameras in the final editing.

Watch “Violent Show (Live In Sao Paulo)” at https://youtu.be/iyWJeYELPY0

Mixing and Mastering at Tretiak Studios (Sao Paulo/SP) by Alex Zeraib
Production and Sound Engineering by Jonas and Alex Zeraib
Video Editing by Alex Zeraib
4K Capture by Maycon AvelinoBel Santos and Eliana Leal (Starship Videos)

Additional images by: Johnny Z. (JZ Press e Metal Na Lata), Claudio Tiberius (Ethnos Rock), Lauro Capellari, Re Flats, Marcia Martins, Priscila Oliveira, Ricardo Sant’Ana (Underground em Casa) e Wagner “Metal Heart” Ferreira.

Regarding the live music video for “Violent Show”Alex Zeraib says that “everyone wanted to do something special for this track especially since it had a great reception from the fans when they heard it on “Predatory” and also because it was originally composed in 2006, during the tour of the EP “The Nether Hell”, never before recorded. Without a doubt, what made the music video really special was the participation of the fans, who sent us many recorded takes from their cell phones to be added to the final video editing.”

A second live music video, taken from the same performance of the album, will soon be released! Stay tuned!


“Ultimate Encore” (Split/1994)
“The Nether Hell” (EP/2005)
“Devilgod Alliance” (Album/2008)
“Armageddon” (Single) (2019)
“Silent Force” (Single) (2019)
“Armageddon On Tour” (Compilation) (2019)
“The V8 Sessions: Vol.1” (Live Studio Compilation) (2019)
“Predatory” (Album/2020)
“The V8 Sessions: Vol.2” (Live Studio Compilation) (2019)
“Scars 30 Years – The Single Collection” (Box Set) (2021)
“Ghostly Shadows (New Mix)” (Single) (2022)
“Violent Show (New Mix)” (Single) (2022)
“Violent Tour 2022: Live In Sao Paulo” (Live) (Album/2022)


Regis F. – Vocals
Alex Zeraib – Rythym Guitar
Ricardo Lima – Lead Guitar
Marcelo “Mitche” – Bass
Joao Gobo – Drums

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Apple Music:https://apple.co/3yz5kSL

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