Texas’ Scattered Storm has a new EP slated for release this summer and listeners around the world can dig into the stream right now.

The main theme of “Oblivion” is darkness in various situations like social, personal, and the fantasy world. The EP lyrically touches on many social and fantasy subjects, musically the intent was to not be too technical, only in moments, but definitely heavy and atmospheric. It is not a concept EP but it kind of flows like one from one song to the other. The music creates the sonic journey while the lyrics convey the history of that journey. As the band describe themselves:

“There are varied themes within each song, but the consistency of the technical aspects of the music make it glue very well. This being the solid foundation of rhythm, with the ambience of the keyboards. The bass separates a lot and this was done intentionally so as to not sound too predictable in the melodies and more tool-like. This works well to create separation and keeps the songs interesting. Imagine taking the ambience of Devin, the complex heavy groove and machine riffs of Fear Factory with some very poppy and heavy vocals in between.”

Over the course of the debut, fans can expect six very well thought out songs. As the band says, there are no fillers. They decided to do six songs to test out the market and not waste any more material. They have much more material, but felt this initial offering was a good start to showcase the band and introduce it to the world. 

The EP was mixed by Jay Arriaga (drums/keyboards/samples) who then sent it to their good friend Alan Wallace from Eminence in Brazil to master.

Recommended for fans of Meshuggah, Tesseract and Devin Townsend, Scattered Storm brings together a wide variety of elements and techniques. 

The EP “Oblivion” is streaming now via its premiere on MetalInsider HERE and is officially out on July 9th, 2021.

EP digital pre-save – https://backl.ink/146809449 

Music Video “Kingslayer” – https://youtu.be/5WbwojPueZ4 
Lyric Video “Aeon Flux” – https://youtu.be/7-nq-Eh0NrI 

Track Listing:
1. Aeon Flux (3:40)
2. Under The Fire (4:03)
3. Kingslayer (4:43)
4. Empty (4:23)
5. Necronomicon (3:16)
6. Scattered Storm (3:35)
EP Length: 23:41

Band Line Up:
Drums, Keyboards and Samples: Jay Arriaga
Guitars: Kevin Armstrong
Live Bass: Eddie “Razor” Garcia
Vocals: Andre Acosta

For more info:

Scattered Storm hails from El Paso, Texas, USA and is a state supergroup comprised of seasoned musicians Andre Acosta and Ed Razor from Pissing Razors fame with band founders Jay Arriaga (No Life on Earth, Years of Cold), and Kevin Armstrong (Mondoshawan, Section 6). Their music is very dark, futuristic and heavy, but also has a lot of ambience.

Formed in 2019, the band has been polishing itself since and decided on an ultimate direction to go in. From the beginning, there was a very clear understanding of every detail they wanted to incorporate. From the very tuning of the 7 and 8 string guitars and the very specific tonality, they produce the ambience provided by the keyboards to layers and layers of vocals to really convey Acosta’s sound. This is all finished off with the main focus, that catchy riff and rhythm to have the songs stay on people’s minds and headbanging of course. Gotta have headbanging.

A Scattered Storm song begins with Arriaga and Armstrong exchanging riffs, with an emphasis on a technicality, but never losing the groove. After the song is polished, it goes to Acosta who applies the fantastic to the real world through the vocals.

When Scattered Storm hits the stage, the audience can expect a combination of the primal vs the futuristic as described in the lyrics and song title names. In the summer of 2021, they are unleashing their debut EP “Oblivion” via Blood Blast Distribution powered by Nuclear Blast.


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