Scotland’s Desert Kites Breathe New Life into Long-Lost Gem “Black and White”!

“I wrote “Black and White” a long time ago when I was in another band that didn’t quite make it. The song lingered in my mind for years until I eventually forgot about it. When we started Desert Kites, I rediscovered “Black and White” and realized it still had potential. Bringing it to the studio, the song truly came alive and exceeded my expectations.

“Black and White” is about living life and moving forward despite the challenges. It’s easy to see our lives and beliefs as polarized, but that’s an illusion. Underneath it all, we’re much the same. Life can be tough and short, so we need to embrace our differences instead of letting them divide us.” – Shaleph O’Neill

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Desert Kites, hailing from Dundee, is an alternative rock band that intricately weaves together the sonic influences of 90s grunge and indie rock. Their musical palette also incorporates hints of shoegaze and pays homage to the timeless sounds of classic and prog rock. The essence of their songs mirrors the diverse tapestry of life – sometimes brimming with anger, other times soaked in sadness, and occasionally draped in indifference, yet consistently poetic.

Opting for imagery over a linear narrative, Desert Kites crafts lyrical montages that offer unique perspectives into the human experience. These poetic expressions are skillfully woven into solid melodic structures, creating a distinctive musical identity.

Born out of the tumultuous period of lockdown in 2020, Desert Kites emerged when singer/songwriter and guitarist Shaleph O’Neill (known for his contributions to Nonstopcamels, Pigpen, Think Tank, and The Zephyrs) rediscovered his passion for the guitar after a hiatus of almost two decades. Seeking refuge from the challenges of home life during the pandemic, Shaleph embarked on solitary rehearsals at the S2K studios in Dundee.

As lockdown restrictions eased, Shaleph enlisted the talents of drummer Michael Szeremet (formerly of Blackjacket, Frown, and Boy Afraid). Their collaboration, coupled with the engineering and bass guitar expertise of Stuart Hanna, marked the genesis of Desert Kites. The journey commenced with the recording of their debut single, “Coming Home to You,” in the autumn of 2021. Desert Kites encapsulates a revitalized musical spirit, born from the challenges of the times, and promises a unique blend of emotive storytelling within a framework of captivating melodies.


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