Progressive Metal / Rock Solo Project SEBASTIAN CALDAS has signed a licensing deal with Wormholedeath for the reissue of his album ME-WE, due for re-release on August 26th, 2022.

Sebastian speaking of the signing, stated: “I am really happy to sign with WHD because it felt the right thing to do. From the first contact, the main focus has been on the musical and artistic aspects of the project. 
There have been too many times I have spoken to industry people who have no idea about the craft and the art of the content we are creating. Here the focus is on reaching out and trying to move people’s emotions to a deeper level. 
This solo album is the result of a lifetime’s devotion to music and although the classical guitar has been my main field, this rock project is the awakening of a dormant passion that has been present throughout my entire life; from the bands I listened to from my older brothers’ LP collections to the bands I formed when I was a teenager in Uruguay playing Megadeth and Black Sabbath covers, through to the period in my early 20’s when I wrote my own songs.
The MeWe album is proof of music´s power to break down barriers. As a musician, I have always been interested in working across genres, and during the last ten years I have worked with musicians from many varied traditions; from Candombe percussionists, tango singers, and avant-garde electronic music composers, to improvisation ensembles.

This album is a rock/metal statement of this collaborative spirit and contains influences from classical to candombe, from metal to Latin rock, and power ballads. I am very grateful to have counted on great artists without whom this album would have not seen the light: Many thanks to Popo Romano (bass), Rickard Jonsson(drums), Leire Pérez Guegue (violin), Diego Piñera (drums), Ismael Bértola (candombe drums) , Diego Janssen (candombe/drum edition), Martín Juaristi (art work), Manuela López Quiroga and Exequiel Caldas (Logo and invaluable feedback). The album was mixed by Víctor Valencia and recorded at Tambourine Studios by Joar Sylvan. 
I am looking forward to working with Carlo and the Wormholedeath team to reach new horizons.

The Swedish-Uruguayan guitarist and songwriter, Sebastián Caldas Zeballos, is known for searching for new ways of expression. In 2020 he returned to progressive rock, a genre that has laid dormant since his youth in favor of his other passion, the classical guitar. Today he is releasing his third album an LP with progressive rock and metal material composed by himself. The three singles Me, Naia, and Purple December have been well received by different music platforms, which attracted the attention of U-NXT, part of the Universal Group, that signed the artist for the single Me.
Caldas started playing classical guitar in Malmö, Sweden, at the tender age of nine and knew early on that he had found his life’s passion. He began his formal guitar education in Spain where he studied with maestro Marco Socías at Musikene, the Higher School of Music of the Basque Country. During his time there he was awarded a Higher Diploma in Music with classical guitar as his main instrument as well as a prize in the International Guitar Competition of Azpiazu (San Sebastián, Spain) in the duet modality. Furthermore, he has completed a Master’s Degree from Piteå Musikhögskola, Sweden, in the Master Program in Music Performance with Jan-Olof Eriksson.
Sebastián Caldas Zeballos has, to date, recorded two solo albums with the label Daphne, distributed by Naxos. Both Guitarra Negra and Nowruz received excellent reviews from the Swedish musical press. 1 In particular, Nowruz was praised by the Swedish Guitar and Lute magazine for being a reference in Scandinavia for Latin American guitar music, as well as for being innovative in collaborating with musicians from other traditions.
Thanks to several grants awarded by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and one from Musikverket, Caldas has been able to tour with his creations and projects both in Scandinavia and in Latin America, allowing him to pursue his interest in working across genres and barriers.
His project Moving Horizons, a collaboration with percussionists from the Candombe tradition, has toured in Scandinavia and South America. In 2016 Caldas took the project to a whole new level with the “Moving Horizons meets Anty Ram trio”, where he worked with musicians who use improvisation as their main means of expression. The ensemble played in Oslo, at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Stockholm, Malmö, Borås, and in 2017 Uruguay and Argentina. In 2018 he toured Scandinavia together with Uruguayan tango singer Maia Castro and pianist Horacio di Yorio.
2019 toured with composer Aurelio Edler-Copes with a piece of contemporary music including a new piece for midi guitar, electric guitar, and electronics written for the occasion.
Just before the pandemic, Caldas was playing some concerts with bandoneonist Sebastián Mederos, playing new tango.
Today he has signed for the label Wormholedeath for the release of his album MeWe which will be available soon as a CD and will start touring and presenting it in the summer of 2022.

1) The Flight of the Golden Plover 
2) Pesadilla al Amanecer 
3) Naia 
4) Purple December 
5) Need, Want n’ Buy 
6) The Melancholic Wizard 
7) Follow the Game 
8) 2020 
9) Part of Life 
10) Cuervo Rojo


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