SELEFICE – single “Mora” from mini album “I Met a God”.

The Cult Extreme Metallers from Greece SELEFICE break their 25-year silence.

On May 17th 2019, SELEFICE returned to discography with “I Met a God” MCD, to introduce themselves again to both their old fans and new audience with 4 nightmarish songs expressing the rage, fear, paranoia and despair they feel and exist in their own minds creating their own cosmos.

Savvas Betinis of ACID DEATH produced, mixed and mastered “I Met a God” in his own S.I.A. Recordings Studio.

In “I Met a God” included is the song “Mora”. 



SELEFICE wrote a special page in the history of Greek Extreme Metal in 1993 with the release of their sole to date full length album “Where is the Heaven”.


17 months after their reunion and following a series of domestic live shows, SELEFICE return to discography with the mini album “I Met a God” in an attempt to introduce themselves again to both their old fans and new audience.


“I Met a God” includes 4 SELEFICE nightmares full of rage, fear, paranoia and despair. 3 of them are brand new (Mora, Kol Haneshama, I Met a God) while the 4th is an unreleased nightmare from 1993 (Damned) which finally sees the light of day.


Savvas Betinis of Acid Death produced, mixed and mastered “I Met a God” in his own S.I.A. Recordings Studio playing a significant role in this recording.


“I Met a God” was released on Friday May 17th 2019 digitally (Youtube, Bandcamp) and a few days later on self released CD from the band.




“I Met a God” tracklist:
1) Mora
2) Kol Haneshama
3) I Met a God
4) Damned

Length: 25 minutes

YouTube teaser video

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SELEFICE is a greek metal band formed in 1990 in Athens and are part of the legendary era of the greek extreme metal scene of the early ’90s along with bands like Rotting Christ, Septicflesh, Acid Death, Nightfall, Piranha, Horrified, Septicemia, Epidemic and many more. SELEFICE shared the stage with most of these bands.


In 1991 SELEFICE released their “Selefice” demo including 3 songs. This demo sold over 1000 copies worldwide via tape-trading. At the same time the band appeared on stage as much as possible at shows and metal festivals especially in their hometown Athens.

At the end of 1993 SELEFICE released their only full album until today entitled “Where Is The Heaven” in vinyl format from the greek Molon Lave Records and on CD from the german label Soundphaze International.


In 1994 due to several circumstances the band abruptly split up.


Many underground fans wondered through the years what could be the band’s progress if they hadn’t split up. Over the years SELEFICE gained a cult status and “Where Is The Heaven” was considered by many as one of the hidden diamonds of the greek extreme metal scene and an album ahead of its time.

Despite the passing of almost 24 years many people were looking forward for a reunion growing the band’s name again in the underground.


In 2015 Floga Records re-released the SELEFICE demo in both vinyl and CD format along with with other legendary demos of that golden era in a compilation entitled “Long Live The Past”.

At the same time 2 of the band’s basic and founding members Miltos J. (guitar/vocals) and Petros M. (guitar/backing vocals) felt the urge to reactivate the band.


At the end of 2017, this was finally materialized when the SELEFICE line up was completed with the addition of 2 new members: Manos M. (bass/backing vox) and Vaggelis V. (drums). Both of them have been active in the underground since the early 90s and involved in bands like Necromancy, Atavism, Internal Decadence and more. Before the first half of 2018 Floga Records had re-released “Where is the Heaven” full length in CD/LP/die hard orange LP.


After intensively rehearsing for several months, SELEFICE appeared in local live shows in their hometown Athens in 2018 and shared the stage with bands like Piranha, Daylight Misery, Show Your Face, Silent Winter and Speedrush to name a few. In the meantime, many new songs were composed.


In fall 2018 SELEFICE entered S.I.A. Recordings Studios with Savvas Betinis of Acid Death behind the console and mixing board to record “Where is the Heaven” successor, a MLP/MCD entitled “I Met a God”. This mini album features 4 tracks, 3 of them capturing the band’s best material written in the period 2017-2018 and the essence of the band’s today’s sound, while the 4th track is an unreleased and never recorded before song that dates back to 1994! All songs have been performed in live shows and the reactions have been more than positive!


At the same period the MVP Project released Selefice – This Death Is Back (2018) | Documentary, which can be found on YouTube.


While working on “I Met a God” mini album, SELEFICE headlined a local fest in the legendary AN CLUB in Exarcheia, Athens, Greece in February 2019, exactly 25 years after their last show in the same venue before disbanding! Moreover, SELEFICE appeared in the ROOM OF DOOM FEST II in October 2019 alongside some of today’s most known doom metal bands.


“I Met a God” was released on May 17th 2019. So, keep an eye out on SELEFICE comeback after 25 whole years with a solid as a rock release with absolutely no fillers!




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