Self-consciousness – The first single from Piper’s upcoming debut album ‘What is the heart for?’

Finnish artist Piper aka Päivi Sihvonen has rekeased her first single from the debut album “What is the heart for?” to be released later this year. Self-consciousness is a story about petrifiezing insecurity. The music on the album is based on classical music blended with blues inspirations and framed in rock sound.

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Who is Piper?

Piper was born out of the desire to surrender to creativity and in her debut album “What is the Heart for?”, Päivi Sihvonen explores the themes of life. Fully written and composed by the artist herself, the songs tell the story of the woman and the piano, and life’s trials and tribulations.

Päivi also performs all songs, making the songs deeply personal and connected to her own experiences and emotions that reflect the hardships of life. Other instruments are performed by the talented Saku Anttila.

In typical expressive style of Piper, all songs originate from and around the piano. Other instruments have been added to bring the songs into rock sound.

Born out of feeling

This record is about the fleeting moments in life and the emotions that reflect those moments. Feelings are channeled into music and tune that ultimately became the titular Piper.

The lyrics and songs are a study of human feelings and emotions. I want those who listen to my music to be inspired and make their own interpretations of it, and be carried away by emtions. I hope this album, and the words in it, offers some consolidation.

Piper does not strive to be what others are, but to bring out their own story and experiences, which they can relate to and understand – through the dark and heavy shadows to the irisdecent colours of the Aurora Borealis. With a steady hand, Piper takes you through calm waters and rocky mountains.

Piper – Self-consciousness
ISRC: FI-3FC-23-84701


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