Sepultura ‘Quadra’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Nuclear Blast Records/Thrash/Groove Metal

When it comes to heavy metal bands, not many split fans down the middle like Sepultura. This is a band which has continued against all odds, losing two founding core members with Max Cavalera in 1996, followed by his brother Igor in ten years later was a huge blow. Yet, Derrick Green has proven himself time and time again to be a competent replacement, even if his tenure within the band has been rife with patchy albums that are almost a pale imitation of the beast the Brazilian titans once were. Therefore, there was an ambience of ‘meh’ when it was announced that Sepultura would follow up their 2017 album ‘Machine Messiah’ this year with their new album ‘Quadra’.

For ‘Quadra’, someone has shot a rocket up the arse of Sepultura; it may have taken the best part of 25 years, but this album is an absolute beast. With ‘Quadra’ the band have delivered something that has all the appeal of Sepultura in their prime, there are driving groove style riffs, traded off with thrashing melodies and that sharp, piercing guitar tone from Andreas Kisser executing its way throughout tracks such as the phenomenal ‘Means to an End’, ‘Capital Enslavement’ and the beautiful closing track ‘Fear, Pain, Chaos, Suffering’. It is difficult to express any dislike for this album; however, the main downside to ‘Quadra’ is that it does feel quite long, even though it only clocks in at 51 minutes and when this is one of the only criticisms, you know Sepultura are on to a winner.

This is the sound of Sepultura firing on all cylinders, sure ‘Quadra’ isn’t the Sepultura of old, but as a modern attack, this comes pretty damn close actually. Approach these words with caution; ‘Quadra’ may be the best Sepultura album since ‘Chaos A.D.’. Bold words yes; it has only taken 25 years, but Sepultura may just have found their winning formula again.

Rating : 88/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann


Disturbingly Good


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