SEVERED ANGEL, the new Northeastern US melodic metal band will self release their new fourth single “Mt. Cyanide” on November 11, 2022 to all streaming platforms..

Severed Angel tackle on their darkest subject matter yet with their first foray into doom metal-laden territory.

The song’s lyrics may strike at the heart for many, but like all artists, Severed Angel use creative license to offer perspective in support of those that have experienced the battles mentioned in the song. “Mt. Cyanide” is respectfully dedicated to the memory of all those lost, and to their loved ones that live with the sadness.

Severed Angel is loyal to the solid truth that humanity requires compassion, empathy, communication, understanding, dignity, and respect. Without this, there is no hope for the present state or future.

You’ve faced “A Fate Worse Than Death.” You took the challenge to “Run and Hyde.” You faced the things that go “Bump In The Night.” Now, Severed Angel dares you to enter “Mt. Cyanide.”

Severed Angel band line-up:

Alex Repetti – Vocals, Guitar (Infinite Spectrum / Tension Rising) 
Lou Mavs – Guitar, Vocals 
George Dimitri – Bass (Timeless Haunt) 
Marc Muchnik – Keyboards (The Nightmare Stage) 
Wayne Noon – Drums (Project Resurrection / Ex-Phoenix Reign)

For the latest Severed Angel news and music, go to the band’s official social media sites:

Severed Angel official Facebook page
Severed Angel official Instagram page
Severed Angel official YouTube channel


Wayne Noon and Lou Mavs started releasing covers for the Rat Salad Review & Friends Cover Series. Wayne (drums – Project Resurrect) then united with Lou (guitars), George Dimitri (bass – Timeless Haunt), vocalist Alex Repetti (Infinite Spectrum), and keyboardist Marc Muchnik (The Nightmare Stage), and Severed Angel was born.


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