The band goes back to drinking at the 90s fountain in their new work

“Runaway Sun” is the name of the new song by She is Dead, inspired by the adventures and misadventures of a friendship that we all dream and need, with a strong chorus and again with high doses of guitars, drums and bass played at full volume, the band goes back to drinking at the fountain of the 90s in their new work. The song talks about not fitting into the mold of the modern world and how the strength of a friendship is fundamental, because in the race of life not everything goes right… but when it does, it will be on your side, the victory of one is the victory of all.

The Brazilian band released the single on all streaming platforms on the Latin American label Electric Funeral Records. The quartet formed by Ricky Volpato (drums), Mau Carlakoski (vocals and guitar), Nikolas Quadro (guitar) and Kim Tonieto (bass and vocals), brings in their compositions the sound of punk and garage rock in their songs, seeking references in variants of punk rock, hardcore and alternative rock, bringing influences from bands like Dead Kennedys and Melvins.

Listen to “Runaway Sun”:


Disturbingly Good


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