Who’s missing loud concerts, sweaty clubs, and crowded dance floors?

Who’s missing parties that last till the sun comes up?

Shining‘s JørgenMunkeby has such a hunger for these rampant nights where everyone’s doing everything wrong that he penned a song about it. It’s a love letter to gin and serotonin, and to loud music and low lights.

Listen to “KMA” here.

KMA” is the third single to be released from Shining’s new EP IDGAF, and it lives up to the EP title. Like mixing engineer Zardonic (BTW, check out his remix of “IDGAF!”) said after hearing the song for the first time: “I love this song so much! It’s like a big fucking tantrum!”

“KMA” stands as the perfect illustration of what the fans have come to love about Shining: The band always does whatever pleases it musically, and never asks for permission. This unpredictable rock band, which started out as an acoustic jazz quartet more than 20 years ago, has yet again surprised us with a new musical offering that’s unexpected and invigorating.

Will we see you at your local rock joint headbanging and screaming from the top of your lungs when we’re again allowed to be rowdy and rude?

Shining’s ready! Are you?


Disturbingly Good


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