Guitarists Phonenix Van Der Weyden and Michael Sean McDowell Collaborate for a Song











Guitarists Phoenix Van Der Weyden and Michael Sean McDowell have collaborated on an upcoming instrumental single titled “Libra’s March”. The single released by Shredguy Records will be released in February 2019 on most downloading and streaming sites along with a limited disc version. The guitarists collaborated in Sept 2018, and this release will be the first part of a series called Scales of Phoenix. The series will be a number of rare tracks, demos, and live performances. McDowell decided to release it on his label (Shredguy), to further showcase Van Der Weyden, who is on the Shredguy label and has been helping him with his playing over the last year. “Phoenix is a joy to work with, and has helped me with some difficult material over the past year. She is an incredible guitar player and a great teacher, and like me she is guitar maniac! Besides a business relationship we also enjoy a teacher-student relationship and mutual love for melodic hard rock and metal music”


For this track, McDowell plays his signature Shredguy Series guitar made by Rick Hanes guitars (Indonesia), and Van Der Weyden plays her Kramer 84 Bullseye guitar.


This will be the 36th release on the Shredguy label since 2008.


Disturbingly Good


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