SIGNS OF CHAOS’ New Album Will Have You “Blindsided” Out April 2023

7 Years In Waiting… Ottawa’s SIGNS OF CHAOS’ New Album Will Have You “Blindsided” Out April 2023

New Lyric Video “Bastard Son” + Free Single Download

L-R Dave McCann – Guitar, “Handsome” Tom Hansen – Bass, Nick Bedard – Vocals, Matt MacIvor – Guitar, Stephane Desilets – Drums
Photo Credit: GNGP Photography

It’s been nearly 7 years to the day since Ottawa’s Signs of Chaos (ft. members Fumigation, Norilsk, Damnus) released their EP “Watch It Burn” in April 2016. Known for their straight-up metal groove mixed with ferocious brutality, the Canadian band has their next offering “Blindsided” ready to sucker-punch you with new heavy riffs and angry vocals for loud play sure to get you hyped in the pit.

“I think we’ve stuck to the core sound that we established on the first album, but have started adding in additional elements and influences as we’ve gone on. This is our first album with some acoustic guitar parts and an instrumental track for example. We hope fans like it. While this album does go in some different directions than our previous material, it has a lot of the same elements as our earlier releases so people who liked those should find something to get into here.” adds guitarist Matt MacIvor.

The album touches on themes many fans can relate to from living everyday life, getting hurt and betrayed by others, growing up having an unstable home, addiction, and seeing how the world is turning upside down.

Today, the band presents their lead single “Bastard Son”, one of the last songs Signs of Chaos wrote for the record.

This song has become one of our favorites to play. It’s a high-energy track that really showcases our sound. We hope that the single gives listeners a taste of what’s to come from the new album ‘Blindsided’, and that they’ll be as excited as we are for the full-length’s release.” adds MacIvor.

“Bastard Son” can be heard via its lyric video –

Free track download –


Recommended for fans of Machine Head, The Haunted, Pantera, and Gojira, Signs of Chaos‘ new album “Blindsided” is due out on April 21, 2023, and available for pre-order at

Track Listing:
1. Faceless – 4:20
2. Bastard Son – 4:09
3. Through Your Eyes – 5:53
4. Blindsided – 4:16
5. Anonymous – 5:02
6. Dead to You – 3:54
7. No One Gets Out Alive – 5:06
8. Curveball – 4:52
Total runtime: 37:32

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Formed in 2008, Ottawa, ON based SIGNS OF CHAOS’ assaulting and aggressive sound has made ripples on their local scene having opened for such bands as Alestorm, Eluveitie, Insomnium, Firewind, Dark Tranquility, Beyond Creation, Exciter, Death Angel to name a few. The band features the insane riffage of Matt MacIvor and Dave McCann along with the ear-stabbing vocals of Nick Bedard followed by the blasting drums of Stephane Desilets and the trademark tombstone slab of bass playing by Tom Hansen. The band’s ready to unleash their second full-length “Blindsided” this coming April 2023 to follow their 2016 EP ‘Watch It Burn’ and 2012’s debut album ‘Rise’.

Album Fun Fact:
Every time our bassist Tom’s name is mentioned on the liner notes for an album he has a different nickname. On Blindsided he has three credits, so three different nicknames. When we run out of nicknames for Tom then we’ll have to disband. We’ve still got enough in the backlog for a couple more albums though.

2023 – Blindsided – LP
2016 – Watch It Burn – EP
2012 – Rise – Album
2009 – Untitled Promo CD – Demo