Slowly but steadily, Danish melodic hard rockers SILVERA have been unveiling, killer single after killer single, what will be their sophomore studio album. “Sane” is the next song in this line, and it’s ou today in digital single and official video formats. 

For the “Sane” composition, guitar player Simon Krabbesmark had long grappled with the impactful main riff that lay on his table, unable to decipher the puzzle’s remaining pieces. However, after an extended period of puzzlement, (singer and guitarist) Michael Krogh introduced a chorus idea that breathed life into the composition, and from that point onward, the rest of the musical narrative unfolded seamlessly.

The song lyrics aim to convey a sense of being left behind or separated from someone important, capturing the emotions of uncertainty and a desire for connection. There’s a palpable struggle to understand the choices made within the relationship. The imagery of shadows, darkness, and the interplay between internal and external perspectives suggests a deep emotional conflict and introspection that is difficult to overcome.

The new Silvera album will be released later this year. 

“Sane” is available now as a digital single and official video.

Michael Krogh – guitar & vocals
Simon Krabbesmark – guitar & backing vocals
Rasmus Lindegård Hovde – bass & backing vocals
Martin Nielsen – drums

Digital single:

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