Today, Edmonton metalcore band SIONIS release new music video and single “Apostasy” straight from the fiery depths of Hell. Demonic possession, religious renunciation and inner torture all work together to make even Lilith herself quake. The music video is available to watch now at THIS location. Listen to the single HERE!

Shot in Vergeville and Edmonton, Alberta by Lee Stanhope (clean vocals, rhythm guitar), who did everything from filming, to make up, to editing, under his company ABSCENE Productions, “Apostasy is about renouncing religion.” explains the band. “We decided to add a cult-like theme to the video. We wanted to lean into the idea of the immense control that religion can have, and how sometimes you can’t escape it, as if it’s chasing you.”

Stepping onto the scene in 2018, SIONIS, Edmonton, Alberta’s metalcore juggernauts are kicking ass and taking names. Consisting of Josh Dryden (Lead Vocals), Caleb Leblanc (Lead Guitar), Lee Stanhope (Clean Vocals/Rhythm Guitar) and Brett Boyne (Drums), SIONIS take inspiration from all areas of heavy music. Pulling from worldwide icons such as Slipknot, Ozzy Osbourne, Oceans Ate Alaska, Protest The Hero and Counterparts, and having shredded the stage with some of the world’s most brutal and enthralling bands like Belvedere, Arrival of Autumn, Wolfrik, Dayglo Abortions and Wake, the group is a supernova in the making.  

Shortly after forming, the world shut down due to the ongoing pandemic, but this did not stop the band from becoming bigger and better. Now looking towards the future into 2023, they are about to show the world just what they can do with new music and a revamped live show, one can’t miss. SIONIS have teamed up with star-studded mixing and mastering engineer, Henrik Udd (Bring Me The Horizon, Architects) for their new single “Apostasy” with more to follow. Udd worked with the band previously on their debut EP “Ego”, and single “Asthenia” (released 2021). Northlane guitarist Jon Deiley was also a collaborator on the single. An epic, volatile team that’s brutal only in the best ways. 

With upcoming plans to hit the road, the group’s already highly anticipated live show is coming to legendary festivals and venues near you soon including a stint with local mates Osyron. 

Stay tuned for new music and live dates from SIONIS!

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