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Nick Mantoan (IT) Rock | Hard Rock | Blues | Punk | Alternative

“But the rock ’n’ roll is in his blood!”

Nick Mantoan’s frontman career as a vocalist and guitarist started in 2014 and he has played on many important stages including Estragon in Bologna, Magnolia in Milano, New Age in Treviso, Fuori Orario in Reggio Emilia, Viper in Firenze, The Garage in London to name but a few. At the beginning of 2016, Nick’s Airlines were born, a rock ’n’ roll band colored with a garage sound. The trio released two albums (Take Off in 2016 and Sky Pirates in 2018) and hit the baords for many shows around Europe.

In 2019, Nick decided to pursue a solo career with a new band, recording the album Tomorrow. An intense tour started immediately, the shows still being the most important aspect of his role as a musician.

The show, from Nick and his band, is a mix of the Stevie Ray Vaughan style, Motley Crue pyros love, Social Distortion punk vibe and the Royal Blood modern sound, all combined by his explosive, dynamic and addictive attitude. 2021 will see the release via Sliptrick Records of the album Raw which hopes to encapsulates all that is best in the groups live sound.

Nick Mantoan are:
Nick Mantoan – Vocals/Guitar | Filippo Girivetto – Bass | Mattia Baricca – Drums

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick


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