SODOMISERY Unleash New Single ‘Delusion’

release next single
taken from forthcoming new album

SODOMISERY reveal the second new track ‘Delusion‘ as the next single taken from the Swedish melodic death dealers’ forthcoming sophomore album “Mazzaroth“, which is scheduled for release on September 8, 2023.

SODOMISERY comment: “The track ‘Delusion’ was one of the first that we tried to put some orchestration on”, singer and guitarist Harris Sopovic explains. “After we heard the result, we knew for sure that we definitely had to have this sound on the rest of the album too!”

1. Coming Home
2. Psychogenic
3. Delusion
4. A Storm Without a Wind
5. Master of Your Mind
6. Mazzaroth
7. Rebuilding
8. Demon in Heaven
9. Ephemeral Requiem

We are living in troubled times and it is hardly surprising that this is reflected in any form of art including music. On “Mazzaroth”, SODOMISERY have spun a dark lyrical yarn about mental illness in society, religion, and the struggle of the individual, which is running like a red thread through their sophomore full-length. The Swedish melodic death four-piece are underlining their loosely conceptual approach with a remarkable musical evolution.

SODOMISERY are expanding their original sound that combines the power and precision of death metal with the frenzied and cold aggression of black metal, and they have now added a layer of dramatic depth by including keyboards. It is hardly surprising that the Swedes, who are counting DIMMU BORGIR, CRADLE OF FILTH, and CHILDREN OF BODOM among their major sources of influence, came to steer towards such a course.
The band from Stockholm did not take this decision lightly. When all the new tracks were written and pre-produced, SODOMISERY decided to create two versions of the album. One mix included keyboards and orchestration, while the other version had no such additions. After an extensive period of deliberation and many listening sessions, the Swedes decided that the new dimension and cinematic feeling added by the keyboards was exactly what their songs needed.
The speed with which SODOMISERY expand and mature their sonic nature is breathtaking, particularly since the band was born out of a studio project originally envisioned by Stockholm based guitarist Harris Sopovic in 2015, who enlisted the help of NETHERBIRD frontman Johan Fridell, bass player Niklas Sandin (KATATONIA, LIK) and drummer Pär Johansson, who is best known for his work with CRAFT and DIABOLICAL This resulted in the eponymous 3-track EP “Sodomisery”, which was digitally released in 2017.
When the EP was heaped with massive praise, Sopovic recruited new members and decided to continue the band under the name SODOMISERY. Their debut album “The Great Demise” (2020) can be viewed as a deliberate statement of intent, not to blindly follow in the giant but also somewhat worn out footprints of the legendary Stockholm death metal scene. Instead, these Swedish newcomers favoured a more melodic and versatile approach.
In the short time period from their inception to the forthcoming second album, SODOMISERY have progressed by leaps and bounds and “Mazzaroth” is the audible proof of this bold statement!

Release date: September 8, 2023
Style: Melodic Death
Label: Testimony Records

Line-upHarris Sopovic – vocals, guitar
Teddy Möller – guitar, choir vocals on ‘Demon in Heaven’
Viktor Eklund – drums
Paul Viscolit – bass

Guest musicians
Niklas Sandin (KATATONIA, LIK) – choir vocals on ‘Demon in Heaven’

Recorded & produced
Harris Sopovic at Sopovic Antiproductions, Östhammar, Sweden

Drum recording
Teddy Möller at Studio Claustrophobic, Gävle, Sweden

Teddy Möller at Easthammer Metalworks, Östhammar, Sweden

Mix & mastering
Ronnie Björnström at Björnström Sound & Production, Sundsvall, Sweden

Cover artwork by JRMR
Layout by Harris Sopovic



Available formats

Mazzaroth is available on marble blue and white vinyl, on black vinyl, and as a Digipak CD.