Some Villains – ‘Outliers’ Album Review

Some Villains – ‘Outliers’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Independent Release/Alternative Rock

Hailing from the south of England; Some Villains have been making quite a racket on the British music scene on the back of their warmly received debut EP ‘Lizard Teeth’ back in 2016. Yet, it seems that the Somerset band are not content to rest upon their laurels releasing their latest EP ‘Outliers’.

‘Outliers’ continues Some Villains’ trend of blending driving, tasty guitar riffs and pounding drums with odd rhythms, giving the band an experimental sound, standing with one foot firmly within the Queens of the Stone Age and Smashing Pumpkins camp. However, within this alternative sound is also one foot with an indie rock vibe having all the accessible, melodically catchy chorus’ of bands such as The Strokes and Muse that can be especially seen during the track ‘The Skin’. Furthermore, this coagulation of sound can be seen within the ‘Rated R’ style pummelling of ‘Master Sun’; whilst this EP is book ended by the QOTSA battering the walls down alongside a Matt Bellamy style soar during the enjoyable ‘Ghosts In The Field.

This mixing will not appeal to everybody, but underneath the surface, there is something insidiously catchy about ‘Outliers’ and it has the ability to appeal to a large demographic of listeners. With two decent EP’s now under their belt, it is high-time that Some Villains deliver the full-length album that they are more than capable of creating.

Rating : 80/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann