San Diego’s own Son’s ON Fire has quickly become known to fans around the world as a band bound and determined to make its mark among the heavy hitters of rock. You could hear it as their first singles “Faded” and “Just A Man” tore up the charts for almost a full year. They have now reloaded with the addition of vocal heavyweight Josh Marin and guitarist Shawn Morgan ( formerly of Papercut Massacre) along with founding members Trevor Edwards, Bill Nychay and JK McKinney aka Johnny Fingerz.  

This lethal combo will culminate with the release of their single “Rise”; an anthem for everyone looking to “Get Up and Rise” over what is keeping you from moving forward in life. This band has faced it and even been knocked down at times, but being knocked down does NOT mean knocked out. The great ones get up, dust themselves off, kick adversity in the teeth and push forward to “Rise” up bigger and better than ever. 

In this world today you can either “embrace” and overcome what the world throws at you or be “destroyed” and crushed by it. 

Sons ON Fire chose to “Get UP and Rise” in order to bring its new music to the people. Embrace THAT or get out of the damn way. 


Disturbingly Good


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