Souls Extolled’s second studio release “Seraphic War” is a concept record about spiritual, cultural, and political revolution. It tells the story of humanity losing, or perhaps making its way using ideas from John Milton’s Paradise Lost, The Satanic Bible, Revolutionary Theory, and folklore such as that of The Lord of the Rings. The majority of the record fuses proto-metal, psychedelic rock, and ska punk through a balanced and concise formula that is the bands’ sound. However, the band remains eclectic with rap rock, indie, and folk flashes that highlight their appetite for ingenuity.

“Mary” is the intro song of the record and shows a new more pleasant indie-folk side of the band before falling into a medieval sounding rock thump. Vocalist Zach Black says that he used classic folk images like witches, magic, and plundered cities to tell the story of humanity turning away from its dogmatic religious nature. The next song “Seraphic War” kicks in with a Deep Purple style guitar jam and Pink Floyd -esc choruses laying out the theme of Seraphic War, the war between Satan and God as a metaphor for our current existential and political predicament. With “Beelzebub” Black incarnates Satan’s right-hand man as a powerful demon wanting to temp humanity into restlessness and creation as well as defeating angels. The song features a heavy lead bassline from JP Ortiz, spooky vocals, and a well-places ska punk tag. “Inside You” is a raging ska punk jam that personalizes the experience of spiritual and political oppression and calls for revolution against the institutions of power in both regards. “Allegiant Swine” continues this theme with a more indie twist and focuses on the bands personal experiences with police brutality in light of recent events. Finally, “Revelation” caps the record with the bands unique blend of ska punk and rock, and the theme of finding growth and understanding in these matters through struggle.

The band is confident about their work on “Seraphic War” and is extremely excited to share it with rockers around the world!





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