Steelwings – Back

Album Review By Rainer Kerber

Mmmhh, the name Steelwings seemed somehow familiar. But no, this is not the Swedish band Steelwing from Nyköping. These existed from 2009 to 2016 and published three albums in that time an EP and a demo. Steelwings are also from Sweden, but from Laholm, about 400 km away. And have dedicated themselves to the classic 80s heavy metal. The Swedes have been active since 1982 with several interruptions. If I can believe the information provided by the Encyclopaedia Metallum, “Back” is only the band’s second album, thirty years after the self-titled debut of 1989.

The album name “Back” is program. The Swedes take us on a journey back in time to the 80s of the last century. And the title of the opener “My Rock Is Hot” is a clear statement. Although aged in honor, the sound is fresh and, above all, hot. Finest Oldschool Metal. Accept, Judas Priest or AC / DC send greetings. And vocalist Tommy Söderström sounds like a mix of Udo Dirkschneider, Bon Scott and Rob Halford. The guitarists are playing great hooks and grandiose riffs. While drummer Marcus Fritiofsson sets the rhythm completely calmly. So heated, you can hardly expect the other songs of the nearly one hour long album. Even on “Walk On Water” Steelwings make no prisoners, and rock straight forward. Outstanding is “Walk In The Sky”. The song starts first balladesk and then becomes a grandiose mid-tempo anthem, no cheesy, without bombast but with a tremendous amount of guitar power. The singer shows all his vocal abilities here. Then Steelwings rock on at “Rock The Nation”. Early AC / DC is reminiscent of “Back On The Road”. In the guitar solo, I have Angus Young in mind as he rages across the stage. This is Rock’n’Roll at its best. Also “All Night” could come from the songwriting of the Hard Rocker from Down Under. In “Rock My Soul” I especially like the riffs of the lower tuned guitars. Another highlight can be heard shortly before the end. “Ride On” is again a great mid-tempo anthem and is crowned by a sing-along chorus. The musical excursion into the past ends with the Rock’n’Roll hit “Will not Let You Go Away”.

Steelwings are much retro. They resurrect the great metal era of the 80s. But Steelwings are not a band that jumps out of nostalgia on the Eighties Revival wave. No, they are from that time and they live this time. “Back” is probably one of the most authentic 80s metal albums of the present. Nevertheless, the songs sound very fresh and not at all dusty. This powerful production evokes many memories of my youth. Another reason why I prefer here clearly the highest score!

STEELWINGS – Rock My Soul:


Tommy Söderström – Vocals
Gert-Inge Gustafsson – Guitar
Michael Lindman – Guitar
Peter Fredriksson – Bass
Marcus Fritiofsson – Drums

Label: Sliptrick Records

Out: February 26th 2019

Playing time: 58:17

Track list:

  • My Rock Is Hot
  • Walk On Water
  • Nightmare
  • Death Or Gold
  • Walk In The Sky
  • Rock The Nation
  • Back On The Road
  • All Night
  • Rock My Soul
  • She Knows What It Takes
  • Ride On
  • Won’t Let You Go Away

Rating : 10/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber


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