Streaming Now! Dig Into Tasty Breakdowns And Catchy Choruses With Circa Arcana’s Debut “Bridget Vīgintī”

EP Stream Premiere via IDIOTEQ

New EP “Bridget Viginti” Out Feb 18th, 2022

L-R – Ben Reyes (Bass), Kevin Cangas (Vocals), Francisco Loya (Drums), Johny Serna (Guitar), Felipe Jasso (Guitar)
Photo Credit – Bryan Castro

Circa Arcana, from Texas, formed during the pandemic, and after trial and error, lots of ups and downs, and adjusting to a new way of collaborating, have a debut EP ready for the world to hear. They have already released two of the five tracks as video singles, and listeners eagerly dove into the cacophony of breakdowns juxtaposed with infectious choruses that are easy to sing along to. Guitarist Johny Serna explains the record:

“This EP touches on a lot of deep concepts. I have always been a believer that a song should be interpreted by the listener and in one’s personal interpretation one can find their meaning to the song. We do touch on dark themes, some personal stuff, and some dark conceptual stuff. But honestly, if you want to figure out meanings to the songs, you’re gonna have to dig a little deeper to figure those out! We incorporate a lot of symbolism on our social accounts, our videos, photos, etc. All I can say is if you enjoyed “Esoteric” and “The Tower” then you are definitely going to enjoy this release!”

Musically, the EP takes you through a journey, as you go through the record you can listen to all the nuances that you heard in the opening song “Ten Of Swords”. It is followed by “The Chariot”, the reckless powerhouse on the EP, three minutes of nonstop in-your-face aggression. Then comes the “arena metal” anthem “The Tower”, which is quick to pick up. Things get a bit lighter with “Luna”, a beautiful song with few screams. Closing the record is “Esoteric” the first song written for the band and the first single. It’s an eerie song, lyrically touching on the topic of addiction and overcoming it.

As a whole musically, the EP is a fast-paced rollercoaster to the face with the songs flowing together and showing a strong diversity in their music styles. Circa Arcana presents a solid first effort and is recommended for fans of Wage War, Like Moths To Flames and We Came As Romans.

“Bridget Vīgintī” is streaming now in full via before it officially drops on February 18th.

Listen to the EP HERE.

Music Video – Esoteric –

Lyric Video – The Tower –

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Track Listing:
1. Ten of Swords (5:42)
2. The Tower (4:31)
3. The Chariot (3:00)
4. Luna (4:28)
5. Esoteric (4:40)
EP Length: 22:19

EP Recording & Live Band Line Up:
Kevin Cangas – Vocals
Johny Serna – Guitar
Felipe Jasso – Guitar
Frank Loya – Drums
Ben Reyes – Bass

EP Recording Credits:
• All songs performed by: CIRCA ARCANA
• All songs written by: CIRCA ARCANA
• EP Artwork by: Kavan the Kid

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