Hard rock outfit SUDDEN DEAF are streaming their new album Havoc now at Ghost Cult Magazine ahead of its release on October 7th. 

Stream Havoc here: https://www.ghostcultmag.com/exclusive-album-premiere-sudden-deaf-streams-new-album-havoc/

Kicking off with the raucous riffs of “Goin Down”, Havoc begins as it means to go on. Blasting guitars and soaring vocals combine explosively. SUDDEN DEAF’s latest single “Mind Control” saw the quartet unveiled another side to their sound. Traditional and classic rock elements power through the track with fast-paced distorted riffs, soaring vocals harmonies and groove motifs. “Raging Storm” diverges down a dark path with a moody atmosphere manifesting from the instrumentation. “Headhunter”, the first single from the album, delivers the tale of a Viking and delves into emotions of rage, greed, lust and distain that we all experience. Delicate guitar melodies form the interlude “Dusk”, before returning to the heavy chaos of “City in the Sea”. Groove rhythms and catchy motifs accompany dark lyrics in this poignant finale.  

SUDDEN DEAF bring an unrelenting energy that bleeds through their music. Crafting their compositions and instruments carefully to construct an unbreakable wall of sound, with each element balanced for maximum impact. Turn your speakers up to eleven and experience the sheer impressiveness of SUDDEN DEAF’s Havoc. 

Line Up:
Drew Potter— Lead vocals and Bass
Dylan Bigelow— Guitar
Alex Turner— Guitar
Max Cortez— Drums

Instagram– https://www.instagram.com/_suddendeaf_/
Facebook– https://www.facebook.com/SuddenDeafATX
Twitter– https://twitter.com/_suddendeaf_
Bandcamp– https://suddendeafatx.bandcamp.com/releases

Track Listing: 
1. Goin Down
2. Mind Control
3. Raging Storm
4. Head Hunter
5. Dusk
6. City in the Sea


Disturbingly Good


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