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Before taking the stage at Tuska Metal Festival 2024 on Saturday June 29th, SulfuriS is offering a taste of their upcoming debut album. The song, Parasite and Eye, out June 26th is an unabashed grindfest about a somewhat peculiar subject. It deals with a parasite that turns snails into zombies. But dare we ask. What if the snail really liked it? I mean, really liked it!? 

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Lyricist and SulfuriS vocalist Vincent Lilium enlightens us 
“This is all absolutely horrendous but true! Leucochloridium paradoxum is a parasite that grows into a colourful shape that resembles a caterpillar. Mind you, it does this inside the poor snail. Reaching all the way up into its little eyes. It then mumics a grub by pulsating back and forth in order to attract the attention of a passing bird. The bird then spreads the ghastly thing’s eggs with its leavings. Another unsuspecting snail will then eat that waste and the whole disgusting horror show begins again. Well, in our version, we explore the idea of a snail that derives a great deal of pleasure from the experience of having an intruder thrusting their innards. The climax of which is the simultaneous death of both organisms. ‘All I want to see is you’… Sorry what? Yes, everything is quite alright at home. Thanks for asking.”


Parasite and Eye is the final single to come out in anticipation of a full-length debut album, CORPUS//ANIMUS. The record is fully independently produced, recorded at Saarni Studio and released through Inverse Records, Finland on August 2nd 2024. It will be themed around exploring the material and spiritual worlds, through the framework of alchemy. It promises to be brutal, technical, filled with catchy hooks, grandiose as well as soothing moments.


SulfuriS  – CORPUS//ANIMUS (Album 2024)
Track list: 
1. Reunion (Skol and Hati)
2. Shatterpoint
3. Parasite and Eye
4. Pollinators
5. The Damask Drum
6. Malleus Maleficarum
7. Burn with Me (Inferno part I)
8. The Grace of God (Inferno part II)

Album cover art by Annika Bergström 
Logo designed by Joona Saksola @Squidmustard

SulfuriS – Parasite And Eye (Single 2024)

Composed, lyrics and arranged by SulfuriS

ISRC: FI3FC2446503

 Single cover by Annika Bergström

Vincent Lilium – vocals and bass guitar
Daniel Collan – rhythm and lead guitars
Samu Laakso- rhythm and lead guitars 
Lauri “Ässä” Suopajärvi – drums 


Disturbingly Good


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