– reveal album title, cover artwork and tracklist

Finnish melodic death metal band SUOTANA have named their 2nd studio album “Land Of The Ending Time”, which will be released on May 25th, 2018 via Reaper Entertainment Europe.
The band has also unveiled the album artwork. It was created by Simo Räsänen this time

The band states:
“We’re so happy and relieved to finally be able to announce the release of this album. ‘Land of the Ending Time’ represents our band’s current path and the hard work of the past two years. The artwork perfectly reflects the album’s themes and musical atmosphere where the journey through wintry forests shall begin!”

Land of the Ending Time tracklist:
1. Alku
2. Troutrace
3. Sorrowl
4. Into the Ice
5. Thousands of Forests
6. Autumn Awaits
7. Wolfchasers
8. Mission Suicide
9. Land of the Ending Time

SUOTANA released their first demo ”Forgotten Soil Of This Land” in February of 2014 and successor ”Frostrealm’‘ album was released in November 2015. Now with few line-up changes the band is dragging boat through wintry forests of north. The new album “Land Of The Ending Time” will be released on May 25th, 2018via Reaper Entertainment.

Check out the “Land Of The Ending Time” studio trailers:

Studio Trailer #1:
Studio Trailer #2:
Studio Trailer #3:
Studio Trailer #4

More info coming soon – stay tuned!

Tuomo Marttinen – Vocals
Ville Rautio – Guitars
Pasi Portaankorva – Guitars
Tommi Neitola – Keyboards
Harri Portimo – Bass
Rauli Juopperi – Drums

SUOTANA online:


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