Release Date: 7th October 2022

Pre Save Link: https://lnk.fu.ga/pressure_changeme

Label – XING Records 

     Written and composed by Simon Forsell, 

Olof Jönsson, and Olli Violet

Sometimes when we meet someone you just want that person to like you! To acknowledge you and be close to you. We say things to be liked, we try our best to fit in and sometimes it goes to far. To be yourself is always the best thing because then you are able to shine to those who connects well with you and the people who doesn’t like you for you, well these people you don’t need in your life!“Change Me” is a conversation between two people who really likes each other, but has a hard time to understand each other… and wants to change to be able to be liked. Where the story goes? Well listen to the track and see. I know you will be able to relate to the message of the song.

The Band

Pressure , have been called the  inventors and pioneers of the new heavy metal subgenre Story Metal. With a fierce and diverse sound, they combine modern storytelling, rock and metal music, visual and technical elements, and stories from their lives to make something new and exciting. With two albums during two years and with the support of their label Xing Records the band are ready to take on a lot of new challenges, songs and styles and to develop Story metal into the leading subgenre of heavy metal. 

The band aims to make memories with their fans and to create epic music adventures for everyone to have, share and experience. A quote that can summarize their lyrics is: “How can you tell a story about life if you haven’t dared to live life to its fullest! 

Pressure is all about every story, every moment, every Pressure! 

Band Members: 

Guitars, drums, keyboards, backing vocals – Simon Forsell 

Female Lead vocals – Olli Violet

Male Lead vocals – Olof Jönsson 

Bass – Ignacio Arrúa

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7a9rKp03MYJv4leDN7Mm8k
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Pressuresweden
Website  http://www.pressure.band/
Socials: @pressuresweden

More info

Label – Xing Records


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