Swedish band Insammer have released a new single called ‘What a Gift’. Thetrack, which was originally premiered during the band’s concert at Turkey this summer, has been made available via 7 Flags Records. ‘What a Gift’ released both in original version and remix and available for streaming and downloading on all major platforms. The track is taken from the band’s upcoming third full-length album, due in November 2021.

INSAMMER is one of Sweden’s most promising metal bands, combining dark, pulsating Nordic grooves with Eastern European lyricism and melodic romanticism. Their live shows throb with emotional energy; Vika’s voice ranges from a whisper to a full-throated growl, melding with the instruments as verses explode into churning, hypnotic choruses and pounding, crowd-mesmerizing riffs. The group calls their sound transfusion metal, a heavy mixture of alternative rock and nu metal, which evokes the shifting musical styles and feelings that pour over them and infuse their performances.

The band was created in Stockholm by vocalist Vika and guitarist Dennis Wise, whose collaboration began at a music institute in Uppsala, Sweden. The name InSammer was inspired by The Door Into Summer, a science fiction novel by Robert Heinlein. The current lineup also features virtuoso guitarist Oleg Izotov, bassist Nikita Simonov, and world-class drummer Alex Karpukhin.

We talk to the band about their career, musical influences, recording process and many more. Check out the interview.

— InSammer continues to promote “What a Gift” and “Vampires”, your latest releases. How was the recording process of this material? Why did you decide to make the original and remix version for “What a Gift”?

InSammer: Hah, the story of the remix for What a Gift was pretty funny. We met in Turkey for the birthday celebration of our vocalist Vika. Our guitarist Oleg played us just a remix sketch with words like «Hey, I wrote this house beat for music school students, but it’s the same tempo and key as our song ‘What a Gift’, just check how cool they sound together!» Actually the original vocals really sounded nice together with the beat and we thought why not? We can try to release it as a full track. We recorded our new third full length album in our studio in Sweden, Finnvox did a great job on mixing and mastering but covid-19 situation almost ruined all our plans and we postponed the release back in 2020. As you know nothing changed in 2021, and we came back with the idea that no tours and gigs shouldn’t mean no new singles at all. So now we released some singles to get our fans’ vibes from the new album.

— The latest releases were very well received on specialized music sites. How is the band seeing such positive feedback from the released material?

InSammer: When we made the official video for “Vampires”, we were unsure that our fans would get the funny side of the video and could get it too serious. It’s a tough provocative movie with girls, drugs and rock-n-roll, but you need to watch it to the end of the story, which is very unexpected. We tried to show that drugs are not ok and they always get you into trouble. And we are very happy that online media and offline magazines got the idea of the video and put cool reviews. Also many thanks for high score reviews on What a Gift as well.

— Your songs show a lot of intensity and delivery on the part of the band. Is there any composition that is more special for you, guys?

InSammer: Well, our first album ‘Numbers as Victims’ was released in 2014. That time we thought that  “Black Angel of Sorrow” (Victim X)  is the best track from the album. We made the official video and promoted this track a lot. But time goes quickly and in 2021 we found out that we madly and deeply believe that ‘Victim VIII’ is the best track from the album. We made a new video on  ‘Victim VIII’ with a great director Can Katipzade and for now closed all topics with the first album. Check ‘Victim VIII’ video on our youtube channel. We like it so much but the future waits for our new songs.  

— What bands and artistic sources inspire InSammer’s sound?

InSammer: When we started making first steps in the music career we listened to Korn and other nu-metal  bands, now we are inspired by different bands and all band members have their own favorites like Starset, Meshuggah, HaleStorm, Gojira and many others.

— Can we expect more material soon?

InSammer: As we said, the new album is ready but we need the right timing to release it. Covid-19 situation is pretty bad worldwide, many gigs and festivals are cancelled and postponed. We work on the release date for a new album but more and more come with the thoughts that it will happen next year. It’s still a chance that we will finish this 2021 year with one more new single in Spanish. Surprise! We talked to our fans from Latin America and they gave us the idea that our track Seeds from the second album can be easily translated into Spanish. Our friend, great vocalist and guitarist Yasmani Silva made very cool lyrics in Spanish and we are working hard on recording this track.

— By the way, where did the name “InSammer” come from? How and when did the band come about?

InSammer: Ha-ha, when we are in a serious mood we tell people that InSammer comes from the book title of the well known writer. Reality actually is more funny as back in times we needed to send a band name to the promoter of our first gig and our guitarist Dennis sent the band name with a misprint – InsAmmer instead of InsUmmer. So on the day of the gig we found the name of InSammer on all promo material of the gig. We had no other choice than to play under the InSammer name. After the gig we decided that the name with a misprint is nice and unique. So till now we play under InSammer though the whole story started from a misprint.

— How did the partnership in «Endless Sky» and Vampires videos with Turkish director Can Katipzade come about?

InSammer: In 2020 all borders were closed and we are the band with members living in different countries. We needed a place to meet each other and do some studio work. Turkey was the only country that was open. We had a few rehearsals in a studio called «Bad Production» in Antalya and the owner of this studio introduced us to Can Katipzade with words like «Hey guys, we can shoot an awesome video for you in two days». We decided to try and start filming “Endless Sky” right next day. You can check the result on our youtube channel. The video was so great that we shot another video called “Vikings”, it’s in post production and will be out at the beginning of 2022.

— Your words to your fans.

InSammer: Follow us on our instagram and youtube channel. Check our new releases. We appreciate your support and hope to meet at festivals and gigs next year. Keep the metal banner high in the sky!!! Rock on!!!

Vika – Lead Vocals
Dennis Wise – Guitar
Oleg Izotov – Guitar
Nikita Simonov – Bass
Alex Karpukhin – Drums

Insammer is available on:
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3O99EBHc1gGimxIx6B841m
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/ru/album/what-a-gift-single/1586905339
Deezer: https://www.deezer.com/en/album/260724812



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