Swedish Metalcore Discovery UNHEALER Sign With Wormholedeath & Present Self-Titled Album Unhealer

UNHEALER was formed in the deep woods of Dalecarlia Sweden in the pandemic summer of 2020. Founding members Jonas Gryth and Pär Wallmanpicked up where they left off many years ago, playing a blend of hardcore and metal.
At first, it was all about good old punk rock fun with no particular plan, but hours turned into songs and after about a year they hit the studio. Jonas long-term musical partner Andreas Baier, (also in V, Besvärjelsen, Afgrund), was brought in to put his brutal voice into the songs. The studio session went beyond anything the members had expected and secured an overseas deal with Wormholedeath.

The band’s self-titled debut album ‘Unhealer’ will be released on August 28th, 2022 via Wormholedeath worldwide.

UNHEALER speaking of their debut stated: The self-titled debut full length of Unhealer was recorded in two separate sessions 2021-2022. The band signed to Wormholedeath in between the two recording sessions. Musically Unhealer will appeal to people who like some metal with their hardcore or some hardcore with their metal. Melodic progressive riffs, straight-on up-beat moshpit, and fiercely screaming vocals will hit the listener, most likely like a cast iron fist to the chest. Lyrically the album throws a hard punch on totalitarian -ism´s but also tells stories about sociological phenomena, broken friendships, and personal loss.

Line up:
Jonas Gryth – guitars
Pär Wallman – drums
Andreas Baier – vocals

1. Stretch this cold heart
2. Claimant
3. Sedate Enslave
4. The Stand
5. The Nest
6. Caliphate
7. The Ghost
8. Behavioural repertoire
9. Stand trial


Disturbingly Good


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