Sydney Nu-Punk Quintet Release Immersive Debut Single ‘Paradigm’

Delivering a captivating crossroads for chaos and composure, Sydney nu-punk outfit Aurateque blend Pop-Punk infused nu-metalcore with tinges of math rock, electronic and grunge for an all encompassing explosive sonic cocktail. Led by Lauren Coleman’s eclectic and unhinged vocals over instrumentation that is both palatable yet unorthodox, the group offer a fresh spin on the heavy alternative soundscape.

Brimming with eccentric energy, ‘Paradigm’ treats listeners to catchy riffs synergised with a pummelling rhythm section and eclectic, unhinged vocals, delivering a dichotomy of infectious hooks and frenetic aggression that is distinctly their own. Exploring challenging themes of watching family members battle addiction and trauma, Aurateque bare it all to create this alt-metal belter that will linger with listeners long after the song has ended. 

Coleman on the new single:“Touching on addiction and how it can affect the people that you love, Paradigm talks about a very sensitive topic for me and is one of the most raw songs we have ever written. With only being written in one night, Paradigm has not been changed since its initial version as it just felt right from the get go,  its dark, moody atmosphere and progressive upward climb of energy reflecting with the songs’ introspective lyrics and the story being told.” 

‘Paradigm’ is an impressive debut that incorporates influences from heavyweights such as System of A Down & Tonight Alive. Stamping their mark in a highly saturated genre, Aurateque truly hold their own and have a bright future ahead of them. 

‘Paradigm’ is out now via

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Recorded & produced by Steve Balbi
Additional Production & Recording by Matthew Bortolin
Mixed & mastered by Chris Blancato
Drums Engineered by Tony Wall, A Sharp Studios
Written by Lauren Coleman & Matthew Bortolin
Performed by Lauren Coleman, Matthew Bortolin & Bailey Graeber
Artwork by CynoArts & Qona Creative  


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