Copenhagen-based extreme metallers LAMENTARI have released their eagerly awaited debut album “Ex Umbra In Lucem“. 

The Danish sextet is a force to be reckoned with in the realm of symphonic black metal, seamlessly blending the darkness of metal with the grandeur of a roaring orchestra. Drawing inspiration from cinematic maestros such as Howard Shore and John Williams, LAMENTARI crafts a sonic tapestry that is both dark and majestic. Influenced by the virtuosity of Yngwie Malmsteen and the atmospheric depth of Dimmu Borgir, this band creates a haunting yet captivating musical experience that transports listeners through ethereal and infernal sonic realms.

Their intense and mesmerizing sound has already seen them grace the stages of renowned festivals such as Wacken and Copenhell, as well as sharing the spotlight with bands like Moonsorrow and Tsjuder. LAMENTARI‘s unique blend of metal and orchestral elements is brought to life through collaborations with live-orchestral musicians, resulting in a sound that is both powerful and immersive.

The band’s debut release, “Missa Pro Defunctis” in 2020, featured a brass trio and a 12-piece string ensemble, and was released on vinyl to immediate success, selling out within a day. Following this success, LAMENTARI released “Nihilitatis” and “Clavis Aurea,” both of which were limited editions that were quickly snapped up by eager fans within an hour of release. With their innovative approach to symphonic black metal, LAMENTARI continues to captivate audiences with their dark and majestic sound.

The release of “Ex Umbra In Lucem” encompasses an even deeper dives into the devious sounds of the grand orchestra with brass, woodwind and string parts recorded at the legendary AIR Studios in London (known for scores such as ‘Dune’, ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ and used by artists such as ColdplayRadioheadPaul McCartney and Adele).

1. Spiritus Noctis
2. Tenebrae 
3. Tragoedia in domo Dei
4. Intra Muros Mentis
5. Appugno
6. Dolorum Memoria
7. Spiritus Diurnus
8. Arcanum Ignis Animae 

Ex Umbra In Lucem” is out now and you can get the album at THIS LOCATION

Vocals by Daniel Lønberg
Guitars, Emil Holst Partsch (lead) and Michael Møller
Bass guitars by Jamie de la Sencerie
Keys and orchestrations by Max Uldahl
Drums by Thomas Mascagni

LIVESHOWS 2024 (so far):
24/5 – Odense – Posten (DK) 
25/5 – Copenhagen – Hotel Cecil (DK) 

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