Symphonic Metal Imperial Age “New World” To Be Out On Aug 27

“Legend of the Free”
🎥 Official Music Video
🗓️ Premiere: May 27, 2022
🎬 ⚙️ Produktion:
Imperial Age

IMPERIAL AGE is one of the most successful international bands of Russian origin, which today has a multinational lineup and is based in Antalya, Turkey.

After turning down several record deals, they work independently and maintain a close relationship with their large worldwide fan base.

“New World” is the third album by IMPERIAL AGE – following “The Legacy Of Atlantis” (2018) and “Turn The Sun Off!” (2012).

The new album “New World” will be released via their own London-based label Atlantean Records ltd.

Four years after the massive success of “Legacy Of Atlantis”, which sold thousands of copies, reached millions of streams and YouTube views and helped the formation to international fame, the multinational Symphonic/Power Metal sextet is back with its new opus magnum – “New World”.

Artwork • “New World”
🎨 Imperial Age

▶ 🗓️ Official release: August 27, 2022 ◀
( Atlantean Records ltd. • CD & digital )

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  1. Windborn 03:40
  2. Legend Of The Free 04:17
  3. The Way Is the Aim 04:01
  4. Shackles Of Gold 04:02
  5. The Wheel 04:14
  6. To the Edge Of The Known 03:40
  7. Distant Shores 04:44
  8. Call Of The Towers 18:12

total: 46:50 min.

“New World”
📺 Official 8 track album trailer
🎬 ⚙️ Produktion: Imperial Age

This new album proved to be magical in every way:
During the crowdfunding campaign, which raised 188 % of the original amount needed, the musicians were hit by a tornado, unprecedented in the area, which chopped down a third of the forest where they were camping and writing songs, and completely destroyed their camp – though the musicians were hugely lucky that they themselves and all their equipment miraculously remained unscathed.

The choir’s preparations were so intense that the choir’s director and conductor, Taras Yasenkov, had to be taken by ambulance to a psychiatric hospital in the middle of the recording sessions, where he suffered a nervous breakdown – he has since fully recovered.

When the album was almost finished, the whole band laid down with Covid, and as if that wasn’t enough – a month later Russia attacked Ukraine and sent all plans to hell – forcing IMPERIAL AGE‘s masterminds Alexander ‘Aor’ Osipov and Jane Odintsova to leave the country in a hurry after the band released an anti-war manifesto – interrupting the whole process of album production and release …

IMPERIAL AGE • 2022 📸 Imperial Age
Alexander ‘Aor’ Osipov • Vocals
Jane Odintsova • Vocals
Anna ‘Kiara’ Moiseeva • Vocals
Kublai Kapsalis • Guitar
Dmitry Belf • Bass
Manuele Di Ascenzo • Drums

The lyrics of the third long player turned out to be frighteningly prophetic:
They deal with the quest for freedom and independence, the horrors of war, leaving home with no hope of return, and traveling through rough seas to distant shores – all the lyrics were written many months before all these topics became a grim everyday reality for the band.

As with most great things that involve a huge amount of super compressed energy, every step of the production of this album was achieved through a great effort by all involved:
composing the songs over many hours without food or sleep, long nights in the studio until sunrise, recording live orchestral instruments and choirs, countless rehearsals, hours and days of painting artwork, and many, many other things …

… but the musical end result sounds and ultimately feels the other way around:
upbeat, uplifting and powerful. It seemed as if IMPERIAL AGE were at the end, especially when Max Talion (drums) and Paul Maryashin (guitar) left the band.
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2012 • Turn The Sun Off! • Full-length
2014 • Warrior Race • EP
2018 • The Legacy Of Atlantis • Full-length
2022 • New World • Full-length
2022 • Live New World (Live) • Full-length

🗓️ Dates • New World Tour – Europe September 2022:
01/09 – WEINHEIM (DE) – Café Central
02/09 – PARIS (FR) – Le Petit Bain
03/09 – BREE (BE) – Metal Babes Festival
04/09 – LYON (FR) – Rock’n’Eat
06/09 – BARCELONA (ES) – Sala Boveda
07/09 – MADRID (ES) – Sala Rockville
08/09 – LISBON (PT) – RCA Club
09/09 – PORTO (PT) – Hard Club
10/09 – BILBAO (ES) – Stage Live
11/09 – TOULOUSE (FR) – L’usine À Musique
13/09 – MUNICH (DE) – Backstage
14/09 – DUSSELDORF (DE) – Pitcher
15/09 – UBACH PALENBERG (DE) – Rockfabrik
16/09 – ARNHEM (NL) – Willemeen
17/09 – WETZIKON-ZURICH (CH) – Hall of Fame
18/09 – MANTOVA (IT) – Arci Tom
20/09 – BREE (BE) – Ragnarok
21/09 – SIEGBURG (DE) – Kubana
23/09 – ROTTERDAM (NL) – Baroeg

More shows will be announced soon (including UK)!

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