Following their critically acclaimed 2020- debut album “Salo”, June 4th 2021 will see progressive-synth-doom-collective CIRCLE OF SIGHS to release their hotly anticipated sophomore full length record, titled “Narci”, on Metal Assault Records.

Carving out their very own niche within the genre, adopting a style that very few acts even attempt to approach, the band’s upcoming release features eight epic yet individual chapters that will take you on a journey to previously unimagined spheres. After the previously- released singles, Heaven In FlamesWe Need Legends as well as the epic album title track, today the anonymous collective unleashed a music video for the new single “Spectral Arms”!

Created in the style of an impressive and animated short film by Costin Chioreanu, who is well known for his work for bands like OpethVoivodNapalm Death (and many more), “Spectral Arms was inspired by Ernest Becker’s book, The Denial of Death the Spokesperson of the band states.

“Specifically, it is about mortality sentience and what Becker referred to as our “immortality projects.” In other words, the things we self-aware humans do to ensure we’re remembered after we are gone. Some of these things are good. For example, most artworks — even this song frankly — are really just immortality projects. Some of these things are quite bad: wars, mass shootings, fascism. But at the center of them all is ego and ego function happens to be the overarching concept of our forthcoming album, Narci.”

Watch the video for “Spectral Arms” here:

Furthermore he explains: “We had seen a number of animated videos that we found intriguing and thought this style would mesh perfectly with the album’s leadoff song, “Spectral Arms.” As we investigated further we discovered that all of these videos were actually created by the same artist, Costin Chioreanu. So we emailed Costin and found that our creative approaches really gelled. He’s not just a brilliant visual artist but also a brilliant musician, so he had a particular sensitivity to what we were trying to achieve sonically and visually. We agreed that we should approach this not as just a “promotional asset,” but as a standalone work of art. A short film set to music. We gave no real direction to Costin, just a set of lyrics and the elevator pitch for the album’s themes. We wanted him to explore these themes in the way that best made sense to him. Needless to say, we were blown away by the results.”

“Narci” will be coming out on June 4th via Metal Assault Records and is available for pre-order at THIS LOCATION


01. Spectral Arms
02. We Need Legends
03. A Crystal Crown of Cosmic Pain
04. Roses Blue
05. Segue 04
06. Narci
07. Heaven in Flames
08. The Man Who Stole the Wind

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