Synth Metal Project SCI-FI SCIENTISTS Joins Sliptrick From The Future

Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records:

Sci-Fi Scientists (NIR) Metal | Industrial | Synth

Sci-fi Scientists are a synth metal band from the future. A social commentary for the revolution of consciousness. The two main members are from the northeast of Ireland in the form of the mad scientist Niall Clarke (Jabs Hetfield) mixing, mastering and writing the music, who has teamed up with local wizard Niall McGuigan (Billy Ray Virus) on vocals, writing lyrics and filming video content to hash out an opposing narrative to the absolute madness that has consumed the world during the previous two years of mind-control, division, mandates, corruption and psychological warfare. The latest additions to the band include Sophie Serraris (Amy Schwabhouse), a Dutch actress and love buzz engineer & The Dutch Love Bomb Twins; Betty Bitcoin & Cindy Cyber Attack.

The current album, Sars Attacks, is a concept album providing an alternative narrative to the psychological warfare the human race has been subjected to by mainstream media, government, and globalist new world order technocrats. Sci-fi Scientists are currently recording their next artist endeavour, Memoirs Of A Global Technocracy and beginning rehearsals for live performances & touring.

Sci-Fi Scientists are:
Vocals – Billy Ray Virus | Guitar – Jabs Hetfield | Synth – Rick Awakeman | Bass – Vax Cavalera | Drums – Sars Ulrich

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick


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